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New computer, TE mission pack #2, TE skirmish map pack + sneak peek

CnC_Fin Blog

I got myself a brand new computer a week ago, with sick components inside. Not literally sick (hurr durr), but really powerful ones. Now I'm continuing my work on the second set of missions of my TE campaigns. Also, I'm not forgetting the first set of missions I released in May 2013 (way too long ago), as I'm giving each mission a little upgrade, and then update the download here. Little upgrades include renewed minimaps, GDI house color, and additional scripting for some of them. For additional missions in my campaigns I have written storylines, and they'll be released sometime in the future. Another goodie coming up, is a new skirmish map pack. I released the previous map pack in July 2013, consisting of some revisioned RA2 maps. The new map pack will include revisioned Golden Oasis from C&C Generals, Coastline Resort and Coastline Resort Aftermath, and couple of maps more. And as promised, a little sneak peak:

Short history of Generals 2 and the future of C&C.

CnC_Fin Blog 1 comment

October 29th, Victory Games cancelled the new Command & Conquer game in its current form, Free-2-Play, not campaign at start, limited options for those who don't pay for Premium, having to buy new generals with real or in-game currency. Why cancel it? They listened to the alpha feedback really hard. EDIT: Apparently alpha feedback was NOT the big reason it got cancelled, moving on...

In December 2011, we saw the first trailer for Generals 2, and we went nuts, or at least I went. After waiting for a real sequel to Generals and Zero Hour for quite some time, it was of course magnificent to see it happen. Then in Gamescom 2012, it was announced that the Generals 2 was simply referred to as "Command & Conquer", a Free-2-Play multiplayer-only game that would be a live service platform for all future C&C games. Those who had gone nuts for Generals 2 now got angry at the new direction of C&C.

After getting some harsh feedback from the fans of the series, they decided to include skirmish in the game. About a year later, in 2013 VG announced campaign missions for the new Command & Conquer to further make it more traditional C&C game. And only a couple of months after that, I received my alpha key and got into the game. I didn't play multiplayer games, since I highly enjoy playing skirmish and campaigns. AI was quite an idiot now and then, but sometimes I was having a hard time trying to stay alive. After a couple of weeks of skirmish games and trying out 9 different generals, 3 for each faction, I notice that the game has been cancelled. But after spending some time in the alpha feedback forum, I'm not that surprised.The feedback was very rough, complaints about the monetary system, Pay-2-Win, unbalanced generals, etc. I could see from the comments of the developers that they were having a hard time there as well, trying to convince the players that it's only alpha and they were looking for various methods to make the game just as enjoyable and fair for those who want to pay for Premium and for those who prefer not to pay for anything.

But I guess it was all for nothing.
It's sad to see the game get cancelled, it was going to good direction, and many people on the official forums ask the developers to keep making the game. However, the other set of people say it's a good thing that the game was cancelled. Many comments around the Internet say that Free-2-Play doesn't fit a C&C game and would rather pay for a complete boxed product with all ready to go. I'm sort of there in the middle ground: I prefer to pay for the complete product, but I would've been quite happy with the Free-2-Play, live service method.

But now C&C's future is at stake(ish). EA most likely knows that C&C series has a big fan base, over 800k people signed up for the alpha and beta of Generals 2 and others were waiting for their key after buying the Ultimate Collection. But what happens now after it got cancelled? Do we have to wait another 2-3 years to find out what the developers are up to? Maybe we hear something later this year or early next year?

I don't say: "Bring Westwood back!", because not only WW doesn't exist anymore, the ex-Westwood employees are doing other stuff and I have my doubts about them making C&C any better. But the new developers maybe should look at the older games and think what made them so great. One answer is good gameplay and great storyline (Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2) and another answer is massive mapping and modding community (Zero Hour and Tiberium Wars). Frostbite engine doesn't currently (and maybe ever) allow the latter. Having a complex game engine may allow for great visuals and other effects, but it also limits us fans. Take a look at C&C3 or Red Alert 3. The engine is simple enough to allow mappers and modders do their magic while still looking visually stunning. And even the older games stay alive because of their many mods and maps available.

My bottom line in this case is: Cancelling the game opens both new and old doors. The series isn't dead, it just went to coma and needs to be cured. Whatever the developers are up to, I sincerely hope that they give us the very real and actual C&C Generals 2 in the future, as it was originally planned. And maybe they consider using a more simple engine, just so the fans can create their own content and put it up for everyone to see. Fan base can be a bitch sometimes, but they are also the ones playing the game.

In the mean time, I'll be playing Battlefield 4 and older C&C games.

GDI and Nod campaigns: 3 missions for both factions. Releasing soon.

CnC_Fin Blog

For couple of days I've been modifying my both GDI and Nod campaign for Tiberium Essence mod. Some old plans I posted to TE campaign makers group are no longer applied, and I'm having some missions replaced or remade. So far I have 3 missions for both almost ready, and I may release them to the public soon, after of course some tweaking and fixing.
The first GDI mission is the same as planned, "Fort Cortez", and the other 2 are completely new missions, taking place in New Panama. Inspired by New Detroit mentioned in Tiberian Sun, and New Adana mentioned in C&C4.

Nod's first mission is no longer "Operation Nuclear Heist", instead it's been moved to be seen later in the campaign. Now the first mission is taking place somewhere in the aftermath of Firestorm Crisis... at the CABAL Core! The Phoenix Base mission is number 3, however it's getting a big overhaul. The second mission is quite simple, but the layout is probably the most difficult I've made so far.

GDI campaign is mostly sticking with the name "GDI Campaign" (though suggestions are welcome), but the Nod campaign is called "Slavik's Legacy", for you continue his work... even play as him! Last but not least, I'm including PDF files that come with the maps, to provide important information regarding the missions and little bit of background story.

See couple of uploaded screens from GDI Mission 02:

Mission pack released! Download here: Moddb.com

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