Hello stranger! I am Claudio Ficara, AKA SysOp. I am cool, fresh guy who loves to convert imagination into real shit. I've developed diferrent skills such as programming, level design, game design, modelling, animating and so on. I currently work as game developer and live on Argentina with my family that I love so much. My goal is helping others to achieve what they want! Add me as a friend or track me down on Facebook. Later!

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Paranoia 2: Savior

Game review - 22 agree - 6 disagree

People play games, read books, watch movies, for the solely reason: experience emotions. There are a wide range of different ones. A few of these are positive and keep us feeding what the brain wants. However on this game, 90% of the time I experienced frustration, confusion, boredom and anger.

Level design, while decent, doesn't give the player proper visual clues. Most of the time is uninspired and fails to set the mood properly.

The combat aspect was improved, and broken, at the same time. Iron sights do not work properly. The AI (which is default HL one) fails to deliver and most of the time I played, it glitched. There's plenty of ammo to spare, and most of the zombies are not a threat at all. No tension, no nothing.

Story wise, it was a good shot but executed poorly. And the ending left me with confusion. We don't want open endings and ambiguety, we need proper resolution for the characters, so we think our time spent was worth it.

Of course there are new graphical effects which are very welcome (except that drunk camera -- gosh), but aside that, there's not much interesting content.

I really wanted to like this project given all the talented people who worked on it, but delivering a good game is always hard. It's a pity, because most of the issues could have been fixed, with some additional development time.

I hope the devs can read the players' feedback and provide an additional patch, with fixes, for future players.



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