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Interstellar Space: Genesis

Game review

The potential for a classic is there, but more work needs to be done. Apart from graphics which will get a free upgrade soon, there are some deficiencies in balance. As a result, the game can easily devolve into a grind and cause the player frustration.

The exploration part of the game is already extremely strong and multifaceted, the research tree more than adequate, but flaws may surface as you get deeper into the game. Currently there is the appearance of many choices and options, from fast playing games with high research rates, to slower paced low-tech settings. These options however are not balanced well.

The biggest knock on this otherwise solid game is the combat AI. While the AI factions play very well at the strategic level, (especially if their cheats are enabled), they are quite lacking at the tactical. This can result in the AI sending wave after wave of inept ships against you and turning the game into a grind where the AI tries to bludgeon you to death. For a single player game, this is fatally un-acceptable.

You may also find that combat in the early game is pointless. At that stage, the game is so heavily tilted toward defence that combat may devolve to two sides hurling insults at one another, you simply can't score kills easily. In addition, some questionable decisions by the devs have resulted in Frigates being able to take out Star bases simply because the former cannot be hit.

While easily fixed, the game will continue to suffer until corrective measures are taken, and its potential remains un-reached. However, apart from this, there is a lot to enjoy here, more so for the casual player than the hard core strategy gamer.


The game has seen additional patches, some of which addressed the existing issues, while others have slightly limited player choice and tilted the game more towards the defence.

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