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CNC Fallout

Mod review - 2 agree

An absolutely incredible mod that has given me hours - if not weeks - of entertainment.

Everything is done so well and professionally. The units and buildings look immaculate, the maps are incredible and the menus and videos are as if EA had made this themselves. The attention to detail is mind-boggling; from the road signs and kangaroos in the Australian outback, to the Aston Martins in the Arabic map, and the Russian signs in the snow map.

The audio is excellent. The soundtrack is professional quality and reminds me very much of Red Alert 1 & 2, with modern twists thrown in. Explosions are loud and vibrant, and speaking of that; the explosion effects in this mod are by far the greatest I have ever witnessed in a C&C game - mod or official. When I drop a nuke in CNC Fallout, I actually feel like I am legitimately dropping a massive nuke. Just mind blowing.

There is also nostalgia everywhere in this mod for C&C die hards - from the Soviet Radar Dome and Flame Turrets, to the Kirov Airships; and even the unit death sounds from Red Alert 1.

This mod is tremendous - and everything that Red Alert 3 SHOULD HAVE BEEN. 10/10. Incredible.

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