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Company of Heroes: Modern Combat

Mod review

I Give it 10~! Because this is everything i want from a strategy game. As a Generals Zero hour fan, As a BF2 fan.. This is the complete package. I wish it has MEC faction like in BF2 but I guess it's a lot of work. But I won't give my hopes up. Keep it up BlackSandsStudio.


C&C Generals Zero Hour: Enhanced

Mod review

The Red Alert

Mod review

this mod is legit good mod. Very stable and very smooth. The problem i have with this mod (of course there are quite a bit which made me not play this all the time)-
1> Gameplay Flow or speed.. It's much much too slow.. especially infantry..

2> Unit Designs.. definitely could improve a lot.. I understand it's following religiously to the original RA but hey, this RA3 engine.. Make use of it and sadly i dun think they utilize full use of the engine. A good example is the Generals Evolution mod of RA3 and check it out, you'll know what i mean.

3> is a minor but the color scales of teams.. again it's following religiously to the RA that it seems such a waste or compromise for this engine.

The Game is still fresh guys, you can still improve (overhaul) this.


Zero Hour Reborn

Mod review

Great mod, great speed, great weapons and range.. now the devs should consider the details of the game by now. If you guys are reading, here's what i don't like about reborn...

AI : with a lot of units you guys made available, the AI doesn't make full use of it. This should be improved in the long term future. A lot of us play ZH in single player skirmish oppose to LAN and online play so.. AI quality is something important

Balance : Some factions grossly dominant over others.. one such faction being helicoptor vs assualt for eg... Assault have no means of fight back laser pinpointing helis from the other team.. no matter what, between 2 skilled equal players... maybe take out laser pin pointing or ..........

Assualt General Issue : give assault better choices for AA.. Give em apaches as well, without laser pinpoint and to some extent they would be able to fight back and hold territory against heli. Give em A-10s with high armor and bombs and F-15E bomber (much like F18 from Halo and CinC choice between missle and bombs)... these are all desert storm units after all.

Stealth : with a lot of deadly stealth units, you guys should see how stealth detection units go against them. Better stealth units, Better stealth detection units naturally with bigger ranges for example.

Not much issue. It's awesome as it is now even. I been playing your mod for over a decade front/back since V2...

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