thechineseroom is the name of a development research project I run at the University of Portsmouth, UK. We're interested in first person gaming - particularly, using mods to explore questions about gaming that you can't answer by just analysing commercial releases or theorising about them.

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Finally - blood, sweat and tears, but Antlion Soccer went live today -thanks to everyone on the build team and our playtesters, who were really patient through a string of server problems. The state of play is this:

The game runs fine and is stable on LAN. We're working on DS code right now. You can PF it using your machine as a base and it's fairly stable, but runs into the normal occasional HL2DM mod error - anyone comes up with a solution to that, please let us know. From playtesting, it's as mental as I'd hoped and loads of fun. Be great to see if anyone starts mapping out new arenas - which is so simple to do, I'll probably keep adding the odd one or two over the next few weeks anyway.

Dear Esther is compiling as we speak - new versions of all four levels, taking care of displacement problems, double-triggers, adding a few new triggers, extending the caves, optimising the music/voice volumes and making a few more changes to environments here and there. Should go live this week. A promo film we made for it also got accepted as a machinima peice for the 2008 Ars Electronica exhibition, which is pretty amazing, so we are officially well-chuffed...

Finally, looks like we're going to start work on a new mod over the next couple of months. Provisionally titled BlackOut, it's aimed at being about half-way between Dear Esther and standard gameplay. In other words, it'll be faster and feel more like a game, but keep the same high weirdness and narrative drive. Anyone who wants to help out in anyway, please drop me a line.

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