thechineseroom is the name of a development research project I run at the University of Portsmouth, UK. We're interested in first person gaming - particularly, using mods to explore questions about gaming that you can't answer by just analysing commercial releases or theorising about them.

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hi all,

We're now working hard on a new mod that we hope will sit halfway between Dear Esther and a traditional SP FPS. It's called Korsakovia and the premise is an amnesiac with severe neurological damage waking from a coma in a hospital room to find out the world has ended...

Like Dear Esther, what we're interested in is how abstract and just plain far-out we can go with the storyline whilst keeping a really intense and engaging experience. It will be a lot faster than Dear Esther, this time featuring hostile agents - composer Jessica Curry is currently designing the sound for these - whose motives are unknown and who don't use traditional graphic representation. In other words, you never find out what they are or want, and there are no clues in the game. Adding to this, what start off as traditional environments start to meld and fragment, fusing together in odd ways and ceasing to make proper sense. Adam from Dark Rock Games, who re-built Doom 3 for Conscientious Objector and took both Dear Esther and Antlion Soccer from first tests up to release is building these. It has shades of F.E.A.R. and Silent Hill, but hopefully we'll step a bit further out into the dark and keep you all wondering what the hell is going on, whilst deliberately going for as frightening, eerie and panic-inducing an experience as we can.

Right now, one level is reaching playtesting stage, two more are in early mapping and the fourth is paper-designed. We need playtesters - please msg me if you are interested. We are aiming for a March release.

PS - thanks to everyone who voted for Dear Esther in the 2008 awards. If we make the Top 100, please keep the votes coming!

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