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This is a short story that I might, and could very easily, modify into something serious but i'm looking for your input on how good it is because im turning it into an application for a MERP writer position.
I can easily change what the tree is saying, and make Ulrich embark and an epic quest to save the world! So what should I do? It's up to you.

Ulrich Chronicles: The Elf and the Tree (a children's book) One morning an elf named Ulrich ,who was defined by his rather long hair and handsome charm, went out for a walk through the wood. while he was walking he came upon a rather peculier tree. For this tree ,unlike normal trees, had a face. Bieng the curious elf that he was, Ulric investigated the tree. He looked at it very hard for a long time. It seemed to be sleepy for it's face was wary as an elder who had lived out it's life and was ready to move on. "I wonder" said ulrich, aproching the tree, "Is it alive?" But to Ulrich's amazement the tree woke with a huge bellowing yawn, "oooooooooooah!" But instead of running for his life Ulrich simply confronted the tree, "hello", he said "can you talk?" The tree replied with a forcefull statement "who dare's wake me from my sumber!" "why it is I, Ulrich of the Grove, but I had more intrest in who and what you are", replied the intrigued elf. "How Dare you ask me such a foolish question, for everyone knows who I am. I am the tree of everlasting wisdom, I can tell you anything you wish to know.""Anything", said the elf more intrigued than ever, "even the most protected secrets of the third age?" "the third age", said the tree confused, "why would you want to know the secrets of a time you do not live in?" "but what do you mean", said ulrich, "it is not out of my time." "whatever you say", the tree bellowed, "tis not my loss...". The tree then had a long discussion with Ulrich. Ulrich was so amused, yet confused, about the tree's preaching of the so called "future". He was rambling about dwarves learning how to fly angering the hobbits, who start a full scale war to learn this knowledge, while the armies of the east join forces with the elves to enslave the world. Then the tree stated that the armies of mordor would join the forces of gondor to cross the seas ,in journey of finding new pipeweed and brandy, when the discover a land full of giants, at least a hundred feet tall, that were very polite and joined the new army.This new army would then deafeat the elven army, enslave the western army, learn the secret of flying from the dwarves, and unify the nations of middle earth under one rule, The nation of Seraphim. Being the gullible elf that he was, Ulrich went to town and preached this message, and of course he was called a fool. A few days later he returned to the tree with his story of his failure to preach this tree's message. "the people", said ulrich, "don't believe your message, and laugh at and mock me for what I preach!" "Are they mad", exclaimed the tree, "not reasonable -". "Tree!", The tree was cut off by the yelling of a short little elf. He was very stout and red in the face. Ulrich knew this elf, he was Rigwerd the Gardener. "Have you been spreading your mumbo jumbo again", questioned Rigwerd."tis not mumbo jumbo but the prophecy of what is to come!" "what is this I hear of an elf spreading the telling of the future, Is it you?" said Rigwerd pionting at Ulrich. "why yes, I...I thought it was the truth" "you should know better than to believe such mumbo jumbo, now this tree is obviously mad and you should have just left when it started to- CaCaw!" "I'm afraid I dont understand?" "Ulrich" the tree exlaimed in a womanly vioce, "breakfast is ready!" Ulrich found himself waking up to the smell of elven cooking, and the start of spring. There was a woman standing in front of him, his wife Salis, she began to say "Had quite a dream did you?" She has stormy blue eyes and bleach blonde hair, she was truly beautifull. " yes I did did dear", Ulrich replied, "yes I did."     Ulrich's next adventure awaits, will you be there beside him?

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