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RSS Pre-update jitters and concerns

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Hmm, I have thursday off and I was planning on spending it modeling the final model for the upcoming update. After that I'll UV unwrap it and also make the variants. Then put a quick but decent texture on her. By that time I musn't forget to send CanadaMan a copy and once again bother him about getting his Beta :P He keeps forgetting which I can't really blame him for cause I forget most things rather quickly as well. :P I hope that this model gets a long way if not completed this thursday and then I hope I can post the update soon. I hope within a week or two.

Anyway, I had an audition for a voice actor today. Her name is Erin and she's awesome. I'll be writing a part for her in campaign. I could definatly use a talent like her. Unfortunatly there's still so much work yet to be done before I will start on the campaign. But its nice to know I can count on her to help out.

Then once again there's something that pisses me off bigtime. Before when I searched for Halo on moddb here at the mods section my mod Fleet Command would come up on the first page if you hadn't chosen a way to sort your search results. For some reason I've been bumped to the second page :/ And if it were for a decent mod or something I wouldn't mind that much. But I update once a month, have a number of followers and watchers and still there are mods that updated 2 years ago for the last time or the complete opposite and have just come into existance. What's the deal with this? I find it rather distasteful. I work my ass off to get a decent mod and I get bumped to the back? I know its not complete random sorting because I always get to the same location (the second page! :/ )

Then one more thing to bitch about. Where are suddenly all these Halo modders coming from and why are they all creating a mod of their own? Couldn't they have joined an existing mod and helped out? Did they really have to start for themselves? Don't get me wrong btw, I'm really happy there are more Halo modders. Its nice to expand the community, its just a little frustrating that I have had to do this mod completely on my own because no one was willing or capable to help out and now all of a sudden they're starting their own Halo mod? It sucks to be working on a mod alone now and then and you do need perserverance to keep doing it. Its why a lot of mods have failed.

Hooking into the previous piece is this. There's a new Halo mod right now for Generals called Halogen the resurrected mod. Now I think we all remember Halogen and would all like for its cancellation to have never happened, but, it did get a cease and desist. Still the people of this mod are using the old Halogen content to create a new mod (brilliantly indicated by its name) Now am I the only one who thinks that's just asking for trouble?! Not just asking, almost shouting. As soon as this mod gets big it'll probably reach the attention of Microsoft and they'll most likely step in. I know there are people over at that mod saying: "Ha, I'm a law-student so I'll help out if they sue" but what does he think he can do against a crack team of lawyers from Microsoft? Does this mod stand a chance if it goes to court again? No! The desist part of the order says it all really. Now I don't care if some people want to make a Halo mod for Generals, I encourage it, but use your own material and don't call it Halogen :/ Should this mod get cancelled again I can already predict that the exact same thing will happen as last time; people making a Halo mod will be afraid of cancellation or a lawsuit so basicly most Halo mods will die out and the modding community takes another hard blow. I just really hope that either this mod doesn't attract attention or it dies out (I know that sounds bad coming from a fellow modder, but I think I explained my reason for this quite clearly).

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