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Hmmm, it might be me, it might be because I hadn't updated in a while or it just might be the fact that not a lot of people play Nexus but I had expected a little more feedback and comments on my latest update. I do wonder if people still find my mod interesting. I will of course still continue as I am mainly making this for myself (not to sound selfish but that is why I started it) but now I do wonder if I should continue adding updates here. Perhaps I should just drop this mod off here whenever its done and forget about this in the meantime. Idunno, I guess I had hoped to have more of a ... following, for lack of a better word.

Anyway, I guess I should also say something about what I've lately been up to for H:FC. I've finished texturing the Mako class Corvette and found that I only have three more ships to complete for the UNSC for me to have them all done. Although, having found an awesome not too long ago, I might add one or two more UNSC ships to the final list. After this I'll really have to focus more on the Covenant ships. I have a cool design for another Covenant Carrier, Battlecruiser and Corvette in mind, however, seeing as I already have two Covenant Carriers, I'm not sure I should still include the new Carrier. The thing with Covenant ships is also that I generally suck at modelling round shapes :P So they'll be more difficult for me. After these ideas have been completed, I'll start on the Ascendant Justice I think. It'll be the Covenant's largest and most powerful ship.

Hmm, I just remembered there are also some more civilian ships I still need to do. Perhaps I'll finish those before continueing with modelling the Covenant.

On another note, someone pointed out the other day that the CCS in my comparison chart is rather large and after checking Halopedia I noticed I had indeed made the CCS too large. So the CCS and the CPV will be a bit smaller on the next updated chart.

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