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Today I've officially ended an era. I've released H:FO to the public in a final release. I just couldn't find the time anymore to work on it. My own mod, my many side projects, friends, school and work are just taking up all my time.

Now that its over, I can focus solely on my upcoming update for H:FC, which, hopefully, will be done around Christmas. I've got Old Dragon, an old friend of mine, to help me out with the trailer, meaning I'll have more time to focus working on the new Covenant models. I've finished modeling 2 already, but that means I've still got 3 more to go. Not to mention having to texture all of them. With about three weeks left, time is running short. I'll simply have to schedule in more time to work on it. I did manage to hardpoint almost all the ships that'll be in the trailer this weekend though, so hopefully I can remain this productive during the week. If so, I should be able to get things done in time.

I've also been doing a lot of things for my portfolio lately, which I'll have to put off for now I suppose. Which is a shame because I was working on something really nice and cool. But oh, well, I finished some pieces already.

I suppose it all boils down to this; I need more time. Either no school or just more hours in a day would be awesome for these next three weeks.

In short; upcoming:
- H:FC trailer
- H:FC update with the final 5 Covenant models

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