Hello dear unknown reader; what to say, except that when I played for the first time,long time ago, Battlefield 2 was a real revelation for me! Because, yes, this war game, even old, is perfect; really, it is! Everyone can play, young or old, men or women! It's realistic enough, but does not go too far in the horror of the real war, as do too many current games; I do not like them, because of this: with Bf2, there is a way to have fun with friends without having the impression of being a psychopath! You agree? Now, i have to talk about the editor: yes, it's buggy, but many wonderful people gave us free solutions for help us; and, yes, thanks to them, and with a little imagination, we can create so many beautiful things, landscape, scenario: and with some additional software, of course; Bfeditor is clearly the masterpiece of this success that still today, after so many years, this game remains alive, full of renewal! Thank you to everyone who shares, for free! cat

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Bf2 HighMountains

Bf2 HighMountains

Battlefield 2 15 comments

A future new mountains map for battlefield 2 ! Coming soon !

Bf2 Voices Pack Us/Ch/Mec 2019

Bf2 Voices Pack Us/Ch/Mec 2019

Battlefield 2 7 comments

A new pack of voices, containing the Us, Chinese and MEC factions: in preparation: be patient! Below, a video!

Bf2 Mountains Dogfighting

Bf2 Mountains Dogfighting

Battlefield 2 16 comments

It's a pure Dogfight map, without infantry mode ! Many planes and helicopters on a very realistic terrain since realized from DEM data and orthophotos...

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