At ease ladies. i am a modder. I lead the Operation: Rolling Thunder mod, which is a TC for CnC3 Tiberium Wars. Aside that, I like music, mostly rock and Gorillaz. I am also getting pretty good with photoshop. ASIDE that, I am joining the army. In fact, I take my test today, which is.... September 14, 2009. See you all soon.

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Carnage17 Blog 4 comments

My baby. THAT is a 5.56mm M4 Carbine with n ACOG. Questions?

Me clearing my rifle for fun to show you all how to make sure your weapon is safe.

More to come...

All in a days work. Ask questions please. Makes me feel better.... PLEASE?

The rise of carnage!

Carnage17 Blog

I am reborn again!

As promised, I have returned to you all. So, lets tell a tale...

In the last 4 months while I was in training....

I did some of the fllowing...:

I shot the Beretta M9 9mm pistol

M4 varbine

Mk 19 automatic grenade lancher

AT-4 rocket launcher

M-249 saw

M-240B heavy machinegun

M203 grenade lancher

H-2 flex .50 cal machine gun

120 mm main cannon for the M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank!!!!!!

And now I have a computer and internet, so i can contine this mod, or such things I have as projects.


See you around!

Rolling out...

Carnage17 Blog 1 comment

Well folks...

I am leaving very soon.

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009 to be exact. I will be completing my training in the army.

So, I will be away for a while. just under 4 months.

Now, as for the mod....

I am working on a small set of plans, which SHOULD get the human faction for ORT finished, which leaves coding and some skinning to be done.

But who will possibly do all this if I, the leader, am gone?

The answer is quite simple. Ruby92 will take care of it. He has shown some remarkable skill and I am quite certain he will do just fine.

All I want from you is A shite load of interesting spam posts on my page, maybe even track me?


Carnage17 Blog 5 comments

So, lets do some explaining as to my situation, and the mods too.

As most of you may know, I left 2 months ago to join the army. I have been successful. I have 15 weeks of training ahead of me. After that, I go to my duty station, where I will train and work even more. But i will have plenty of time during my day to do what I want.

I AM an M1 armor crewman. I deal in death and destruction. I operate 67 tons of fuck you. You do not simply kill me. You do not scare me either. I own the battlefield!

Thats me. Thats what I do. I have 120 mm of death, accompanied by a 240B, and a .50 cal. RPG's are worthless against me. Mines are weak. An EFP is your best bet, but thats alot of work.

When you see me, you will quake with fear. When I see you I will smile and pray for you. No other will match me in combat. But I am not all about that business. I have compassion, care, and wisdom. I like to learn more things than you can imagine. I love to decieve too. I will work hard to get what I want. No remorse can be given.

As for the mod.... It will sleep for 4 more months. There is nothing I can do about it. BUT I WILL WORK ON IT WHEN I CAN! In fact, there is an update planned withing the next 2 weeks. And yes, I assure you it is monu-fucking-mental.

Now, you CAN work on things for it if you want and submit them on the mod page. I am more then glad enough to give you all an oppurtunity to show your skill. Just post your work, and some descriptions. Remember, futuristic shit is what we like.

If they do not work with the mod, I will inform you, and then remove them. Simple. I will not be angry for you uploading stuff onto the mod page. I do wish you good luck!

Anyways, people. I ask now for your questions, and your comments. I will definitely respond to them as quickly and often as possible. I like this stuff. So, now do your part.


Carnage17 Blog 1 comment

Life sucks. Get used to it.


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