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Whats after 0.9? 0.10 of course!
1/3 of one is complete.
The thing is that I only get 4 hours per week to work on the map. Sometime even zero!
I will work on getting media done for tomorrow I promise!
One is basically a laser map featuring 2.5 times more catchers than lasers! Hard, not medium anymore, HARD

0.10 END


Cam4 Blog

Hey everyone who reads my blogs! ( possibly no one)
Im officially making a map. Actually, not like ALL my other maps that I abandoned.
Name will be "One", Yes one again, last one was abandoned THIS ONE WILL BE RELEASED.
Pics coming during the weekend!

Also, I am serving as a Lab Rat supporter. Take a look at the mod! I may make another map after One for them.


Cam4 Blog

It's been a looooooooooonng time...
Things have changed, even the subatomic particles that makes us.

You know what? I have a new idea! *Evil scientist laugh*...

Mod: Portal Lab Rat

I will say nothing else, except that you should expect a surprise soon...

And that I will be working with Omega/Cakemaster98/Cakebot98/Cocoabeans98 ( you know, the creator of HAA ) for this mod.

PM me if you want to help.

EDIT: I was too slow...

0.8 END


Cam4 Blog

Hum... I think the best plan now is to make an idea, and just stick around 'til Portal 2 comes out...
I may give up One as I did on every other stuff I started... But Im gonna try to finish what I started for the first time...

Currently deciding main idea...

Either a company aside from Aperture Science or a separate enrichment center, or something like that.

But to gain popularity, I think I should just make normal maps for portal first, than the mod.

0.7 END


Cam4 Blog

Since a couple of days ago, I decided to start working on a new mod.
You wake up in a relaxation vault and start doing puzzles. ( Basically like Portal, but harder and a different story). Theres a lot to be decided, for example, the name, the place, the time, etc...
Map One and the followings will be the mods levels.

I may continue Short-Circuits as it is one of my "dream" mods that I want to make but it will probably be on portal 2.

0.6 END


Cam4 Blog

The end of spring break is today... It isnt the right time to give bad news...

So... I feel like Absolute and Short-Circuit will NOT be able to continue for the reason that portal 2 is just behind the corner...

Worked a lot on One this week, so i think I will complete that map by the end of next week and maybe even start working on Two.

0.5 END


Cam4 Blog

Tomorrow should have been the release of my "signage pack" for portal. Unfortunately I decided to keep it for personal use.

I will plan on making maps named One, Two, Three and so on for a mod or a map-pack in the future. Currently, I will release One soon and two following shortly. If the public ( You guys!) Support these maps I will continue...

I did not advance in Absolute and Short-Circuit and this may continue for a while sadly.

0.4 END


Cam4 Blog

Some stuff:

I worked on Absolute a lot this week, enough to finally have media! The textures are not final yet ( very not ) but I'm working on a new puzzle element: Gravity Field or some other fancy name. This area will pull or push people towards or away a platform. My signage pack has also advanced a lot. The official release of it will be 27th of this month.

Important stuff:

Looking for new kinds of puzzle elements ( and puzzles ) for absolute! The users who submitted the elements will be credited!

0.3 END


Cam4 Blog

As you know ( if you're on MAL ) my portal BARELY works ( yes, it actually worked ) so from now on, Omega/Cakemaster 98 will be helping me take snapshots and test my maps.

I made some progress on Absolute ( finished level 02 ) and also some on my Signage pack but it seems that Short-Circuits will be dead for a while. After I will release Absolute Beta and my signage pack in March/April, I will start hiring some mappers and texturers and I will work on my concept "Cold textures" an opposite of Blue Portals "Warm textures". The Cold concrete will be white and blueish while the Cold metals will be grayish .

0.2 END

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