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Fuck It I got My Orders

Good morning children, this is going to be the first blog I have ever started so I minus well make it interesting.

Every blog I will push out an educational fact about the military's interesting language in addition to whatever else I decide to write about.

FIIGMO is an expression used when you and someone (and maybe your own mind) are arguing over the moral/logical/inteligence of a command given by someone with a higher pay grade than you (out ranks you.)

That said it is usually a negative thing that I use a lot, much to the annoyance of my current superiors who don't know what it means.

Into the madness
A tad bit about me, even though I am prone to giving no information to anyone.

I will leave my cadet grade undetermined but it will hopefully change to that of an officer in two weeks.

My first name is all you will get, Ethan, you wouldn't understand my last name anyways.

I've had time with all services in the Armed Forces but the USAF and the USMC are the ones I've spent the most time in. I started out on the path of a jarhead, doing a pre-cadet program as well as graduating Devil Pups (FOUR PLATOON KILLS, Who do we kill?, EVERYONE ELSE!)
I went into AFJROTC. It was like visiting an alien planet, laughter, talking, haircuts were off.

I almost went beserk on these people my first few weeks but I came to tolerate my original unit and even became decently popular.

Three other oustanding cadets and myself (whom I miss very much) formed an elite team of doers, by doers I mean we did everything in our freshmen year. Colorguard, sabre team, drill team, community service and even cadet training (teh lulz our upperclassmen sucked.)

More on this later, I have to hit the showers

Semper Fi
And Above All? Or is it No one comes close?

I dunno what the Air Force motto is today : ( So let's just say GO AIRFORCE (yeah...)

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