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C20Dragon @ Kill the King

about this error...
It's during gameplay..
map was killhouse..
round end and before the new round started this error crashes the game. I talk to the others in-game and it happen to everyone at once kicking them all..

Thanks for all your work..

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C20Dragon @ Kill the King

It's during game play... I will gather more detail for you and let you know.

Also there is another issue that players cannot sprint. Once they die and switch sides... Once again I will have to look into it more and gather info when it happens...
Thank you

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C20Dragon @ Kill the King

Get this error every so often...
Any solution how to fix it?

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C20Dragon @ IZaRTaX

I just downloaded and tested your map surv_town on rotu. I make maps for COD4 rotu and rozo. I had the same idea where players use points to unlock doors or other object and move ahead in the map. But could never find the script or someone to help me. I was wonder if you would? If you would let me see your map gsc file on how to achieve this awesome aspect of your map or let me know the scripts you are using? This would be greatly appreciated.

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C20Dragon @ (RoZo) Return Of Zombie Ops

Hey guys of the Rozo Mod: My clan has the Rozo Mod you guys created. Excellent mod for a beta version and I have played it a lot. While playing I have found some bugs/glitches or issues with it. Not sure if you guys know already but will post them for you.
1st there's a Double care package glitch. there's away that you can get two care packages in one drop or 8 care packages in one Emergency drop instead of the normal 4. I have to admit I do like this problem =-)

2nd is there's a turret glitch: If you are carrying a turret and die/go down. If someone meds you the turret will stay with you. The player can't drop it or shoot zombies with the turret glitch as the turret blocks/deflects the bullet.

A question for me. Is there a way to turn off the ammo care package or remove it? It cost us 250 points to refill ammo but cost 3000 points to buy a care package, many time I will spend 3000 or 6000 points and get ammo care packages...
Thanks MTG,

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