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TWO DAYS! Time Slash!

BTeamStudios Blog

Our final build (before the end of the year) will be released on the 25th of October! Prepare for chaos as our two heroes try to recreate the vortex of time and return to their own eras!

We now have a fully establish website at

We would love and encourage any support and feedback! Some minor tweaks have been made to the game and are now in the version that will be uploaded ready for Thursday's launch!

Keep tuned guys, we're nearly there!

PreRelease Jitters

BTeamStudios Blog

So now we're mere weeks away from release... and the pressures on! Slowly and steadily we're getting the word out there. Putting the final polishes and touches onto the game might seem like an easy thing to do, but it's hard to decide where to cut the cord, so to speak.

Developing a game like this, as many of you might know, is hard work. Not only that, getting it to the publishing phase is a stage many don't strive for. Most young or newbie dev's often think that getting the game built is the main object of the industry but it truly isn't. Your marketing and publishing strategy is absolutely pivotal to the success of your game.

So we're heading down that road now.

Join us on Twitter and Facebook and drop us a line, we're sure to love hearing from our fans.

When we get our website up and running we'll also let you know. Pretty soon we'll have a downloadable version of the game for you guys to try without having to buy - yes we said it, free!

As always, we love your support.

For now, I'll leave you with some new screenshots posted on our company page.

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