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Yeah, I don´t posted anything new here for a long time... And for you which was really exited for a new post (the minory, I think...) where is the new post!

Well, I will come out with some comments:

* The school tests are comming back. =0 (This is really annoying...)

*I had lock my profile temporarially, only allowing friends to see it, becoz I suffered a karma attack on my profile. Basically think on something like your immunological sistem XD
I was (and, if he still is active, I´m) at war aganist a Brazillian troll called TrollFace. This dude with a really original name (sarcasm ¬¬) was mostly knowed by attacking the page of a mod called "Cry of Fear", and was a friend of another hated troll called "petomen".
Well, thx for the friends which decided (wanting or not) to unburry the attacked comments. And I know that was him becoz the "Cry of Fear" page also suffered that attack.

*Yesterday one of my favorite bands, Iron Maiden, made a show on a neighbor city. And I was not able to go to it... *minute of sadness and silence*...*Play Hallowed Be Thy Name, and them, The Number of the Beast*...

And sorry for the ones who were waiting for some "crap funny content". Anyway, I´m planning to not take so much time for the next blog.

See ya dudes.

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