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S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: AMK Retranslated

Mod review

Dont pass on the mod just for being old, It's got superb gameplay, And even to this day its still fun as hell to play.
AMK's Electro-Chimeras gave me PTSD, Not sure if that's a plus or what.


Original Weapons Renewal 3 for SOC

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r_populik sure is cool beans.
Not alot to say, Great mod, Almost everything is flawless, However something I have to give the author props for is taking the time to not only port it to SHoC, But also make it compatible with Complete and Lost Alpha ( even if the mods themselves are a meme ).


Stalker Clear Sky OGSM 1.8 CE - 2014 Ger/Eng

Mod review may contain spoilers - 1 agree

Its a great mod, It sets out not to really overhaul and polish the entire game, or even re-invent the wheel like alot of other mods try to, but instead it just adds and changes things, Instead of drastically rebuilding the storyline, it just spices things up a bit. Its a really good small mod, One of the best for Clear Sky. I recommend it for anyone.
Only thing that really needs improvements is the Graphics, which have been hardly touched less enhanced from the Vanilla game, It also keeps the weapons from vanilla too, Even though it adds quite a few new ones.
On bugs, crashes and general stability... It was quite stable for me once I got it to work, but installing it and the first few hours of playing were a bit tiresome. Migh have been just me though.
Overall, It's a great little mod that polishes and adds to the original game.


Arsenal Overhaul - Clear Sky 2.0

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Everything wrong with 1.0 has been fixed in 1.2, Merge this with Atmosfear and Absolute textures and you'll get an even better result.
I have only one complaint, Clear Sky is still present in Freeplay, which is weird but thats not really the point of this mod anyway.


Black Mesa

Mod review

Black Snow Coop

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