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I know, its been a while since I posted a blog. I just have been really busy with school ending and keeping up with studying and finals. School is important to me so... School > Blog :D. But now that summers here, my free time is endless. I plan on not sitting around every day so I planned a few things to do over the summer. Activities that will keep me off the computer a little. Here is a list of what I plan to accomplish:
-Become better at the guitar
-Learn to play an Ocarina
-Learn to play a little bit of piano
-Build my Mark IV helm

It's nothing crazy, just stuff to keep myself busy and use my time proficiently :P
But a game that I plan on playing during the summer with my friends is APB. All Points Bulletin looks like a game that everything GTA should have been, and the best part is that it is made for the PC :D, yayayay. It's not a bad console port straight to PC. I'm so excited for it to come out soon. Although I have trouble running the game right now, my sweet friend of mine from Canada sent me a CPU and Motherboard in the mail so I could run the game. That alone made my summer, I'm so happy that happened :3.

But I'm glad that my friends are picking up APB, we haven't all played an MMO together at one time since we played WoW, two Christmas's ago. So this game is really exciting me. Great content, game play, visuals, and my friends. Not much else I could ask for?

Going to be a great summer.

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