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One of the reasons why Unreal Engine 1,to this day,surpasses recent engines...

BoneofFear Blog

I know that Quake Engine fans and Source Engine fans are gonna hate me for typing this,but I don't care.Don't like something else.It just strikes me as puzzling that Unreal Engine 1 (Unreal,Return to Napali,Wheel of Time,Deus Ex,ect.) does one thing,even on an outdated engine,that source and quake still have trouble grasping.Surface reflections.Oh they have reflections,but on water.In HL2,Episodes 1 and 2,TF2,and Both left 4 dead games,I have yet to see my characters reflections in a mirror.You can say that it's for "performance" but even that excuse is Bullshit.Had to say it,sorry for waisting your time

while I'm at it.Another excuse that's bullshit,is game engines that are "future proof."GTA4 PC is NOT future proof,Saints Row 2 PC,NOT future proof.Just lazy developers making excuses.That is all,and no,you can't have your precious little minute of time wasted back.

UScript for the batty!

BoneofFear Blog

First of all just wanted to say Hi! to everyone before I start going on this big rampage. Anyhoo!Well I tried mapping for UT2004 before just do be more confused then a Dodo Bird (Seems to be a more commonly used phrase then it used to be.) staring at himself in the mirror. So This time I decided to do something different.Dispite the fact I only know afew lines of C++ I decided to take UScript for a test run; Working on a mutator for UT2004 right now that ONLY allows you to "limit" how many jumps you can do. And I'm sure you can take a guess of what I'm naming it :P . But hell,Needed to start on something simple first before going into more advanced mine fields.



May the blood of Caine bind us before Ghenna.Farewell,fellow kindred. 

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