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Jet Physics

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Today I tweak some more with the jet physics and I have to say I like what I see. I might have to increase some rotation speed on the roll but other than that it seems like a aircraft rather than a randomly flyin box. I like to say this is a passion of mine since I played on the Sega Genisis. My first game was Sonic the HedgeHog and ever since then I wanted to develop games and I continue my passion into adulthood. I like to say to others if you have a passion about about thing and it can pay you pursue it. Hell if it doesnt pay and it makes you happy make it a hobby of yours and use it in every day life. Nothing wrong with pursuing one's dreams.

My portfolio

bocomarine Blog

If you want to see what I have worked on before please check out my portfolio I have done some design work for a college project and I recieved a A+ as did my team. There is credits at the end spelling out who did what. If anyone would like to get in touch with me please use my professional email thank you.


bocomarine Blog

Currently im working on vehicle physics and combat systems of the game. I'm also writing up a game design document later this week after one of my finals. Development is good and is a long slow process but it is worth it in the end. I will constantly be seeking talent to develop this game and make it a great experience for everyone. So far the game is looking fantastic only I have some issues that I have to take care of. I'm also in need of a 3d artist so anyone wanting to lend their talent is welcome to join as long as they submit some artwork or a link to what they have done. Not looking for AAA stuff but it cant be primitive models and they cant be 100k poly count either game will lag with only one object like that. Anyways I will keep posting video updated for every milestone I go through and once I reach beta phase I will allow players to download and help find bugs, exploits, etc so that the game is as bug free as possible. I know this is a long journey but what makes it count is that we created a world, a game that we can say "YEAH WE MADE THAT". Anyone that does help can put this in thier portfolio as long as they give credit to others work as well that is all I ask mention other people's work as well as your own. with all this said I hope we have a good development cycle and the game will be release when it is ready to be released.

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