Daniel, or Blubbes.

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I never believed in a person describing or judging himself, so basically me writing a bio won't do to much good. However I guess noone ever reads bios to heart anyway. So you'll end up seeing what kind of person I really am If ever you get the chance to play a game with me or in any other way.

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The Broken Silence

Blubbles Blog
I've been watching this site for quite a while now, so long I don't remember when I first joined. But after seing how completely boring my Profile was along with how many Profile Visits I had. I decided to make a blog basically about me cracking out of this shell, and sharing what I have to share with everyone else.

So basically I'm here for the mods (durr..) but then again what else would you be here for? Ever since Filefront's Community deteriorated and was full of pathetic immature 11 year olds I moved onto "Moddb" And I quite like it here. It's convinient and it isn't cluttered with all the random crap you get from something like Filefront.
However the sad news of Filefront closing down, probably broke up a third of the modding community's Backbone. I always thought it was some sort of April Fool's Joke. But then again I can believe in coincidences here and then.

I somewhat aspire to become a game developer. But I can see why that side of me really wants to become one. Creating a game is another way of bridging your imagination from your mind to the screen. As people bridge their imagination through a Painting, a Musical Piece, A Poem or a Book. This is what I am looking for to do in any given future. To be able to have the world see the imaginations I would conjure from my Infant, and Adolescent stages. For being given an opportunity such as that can give you such a great feeling of satisfaction.

Anyway, bringing all this out is just a fraction of what I feel like sharing to anyone who just so happens to stumble upon my profile. If ever I have the desire to come back and visit my profile again I could may as well update it.

Daniel wrote:
To all who read to the end, God Bless and I hope you can relate to some things I fancied sharing.



About SCAR from Crysis

I begin this mod before i has see the SMOD;Crysis, i wanted to port model of SCAR before it, but i went to Smod-tactical.com and found Scar release

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