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Currently working on building more progress on Phantasm Armageddon PC-Game , many new features and game modes , Many things to fix but it's coming along Thanks Everyone!Latest update on youtube thanks.

Here's some short views on some UE4 projects I've been working on with frustration, which one would you like to see completed , let me know in the comments , Thanks.

Horizon Event UE4

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My Latest Project Horizon Event. Originally I've built this in AVP gold back in '98 then in 2006 for DOOM 3 now I'm working an a version in Unreal Engine 4 and this is a work in progress thanks for your interest in my latest project Thanks Everyone! I do plan on making a new page for the project here on MODDB stay tuned for details soon, the preview is from the stand alone exe and is still a work in progress as I've only just started this new project over the last few weeks. Thanks! J

Currently working on a PHANTASM Game UE4 for Windows and Mac. This is different from my Doom 3 mod I made years back and will play differently. There are still many things to work out in UE4 as it's a whole different engine to work with. For one getting the save game feature to work properly is being problematic and has been difficult to get working like it should. many other things as well as EVERYTHING has to be rebuilt from scratch and over again. however I am making some progress with it and some of it has been interesting.

Between My Yautja Blade Project and This I am learning a lot however not everything always works as it should like it did with Doom 3. As the project comes along I will have more updates as they become available and share them. I'm not ready to make a separate page on Moddb yet but we'll see as the project becomes more built. Thanks everyone! J

Here's some further Development In my Yautja Blade Project. keep ijn mine Blade Yautja = DOOM 3 and Yautja Blade = UE4, I believe my D3 project is far better than UE, in that there are more features and better functions. heck in UE4 you can't even turn down the AI when cloaked. makes me crazy. I even put a blocking box around the player and yet still to no avail, I still am seen while cloaked. I tried many different things. but in some game engines, just doesn't work out of the box. bummer. however I'm still going to give this a go and see what I can still do with it with my Yautja project. Thanks everyone, till next one... Happiest Cheers! J

I've been working on some experimental implementation of my Blade Yautja Project from Doom 3 into Unreal Engine 4 and it has been quite interesting so far. I'll be working on this a bit more and will try and update more soon as it becomes available Thanks Everyone.

Yep been trying out UE4. some of my projects look great, but back to function, IE does it work?.

my opinion ue4 ...still unstable for production. sad.( simple sht shouldn't crash the editor...bah) however I'm still learning the program and evaluating

we'll see , perhaps I'll post some events., thanks everyone. I'll update again soon thanks. _ J.

After about a few years the great folks at avpg said hello and hi. I'm pleased to be a part of an incredible community that loves these games and artwork as much as I do very much. Thanks everyone! Best Always J


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Soon I plan to update some projects soon, and thanks everyone for your patience and interest. some will be some maps for the classic aliens versus predator being some maps to explore one being event horizon and the open pyramid map for avp 1. Thank you!

My Dear Mum

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And in the month of May my Mum passed away also shortly after my dear dad, I miss them both greatly.

it's been a few months now and I've been considering another project, but well see how that goes,

needless to say things haven't been all that great at all. but I'm doing my best to survive somehow

and still find time for my modding projects.

Again Thanks everyone for your interest in my works. Thanks!


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