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Rebalance Mod Ultimate

Mod review

While nothing is entirely perfect, this mod makes Rage alot more like what I would've wanted in the first place and gave me the challenge I was looking for.

It offers difficulty suited for a PC gamer, with situations that can really make you think about what you're going to buy for your next mission.
One of these was the removal of health regeneration which always made the game too easy, and this mod makes you spend on medkits effectively making it alot harder to fill your ammo and thus you realize loot and scavenging will come in real handy, and lock grinders are now a pricey necessity. Prices for everything seem more suited for decision making.

I enjoyed this mod, and can't wait to see it update after time.


Wulfen Texture Pack

Mod review

Doom 3 Non-satanic version

Mod review

Hexen: Edge Of Chaos

Mod review

Absolute HD Mod

Mod review

For the most part it was really great, there were only a few things that weren't so good, like the overdone level of light reflection, that made alot of things look wet, like rock textures, and some light reflection was just way too bright. These things, of course, are because of the mods added to this one, probably the Sikk mod.

The HD textures were the reall candy, except for a few that were awfull replacements... but as I said, most of them were awesome, awesome enough to get a 9/10, cool stuff.

The high poly models with HD textures were a very nice touch, more candy for the eye.

I really liked this mod :)


Killing Floor Vehicle Mod

Mod review
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