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So I obviously didn't get my Wesnoth article finished before the move. I'd rather it take a little more time than rush it though and have it be garbage. So I've actually been in the new place a little over a week now, but just today got internet back. I was able to do some more writing, but it's currently on a thumb drive that's a little lost in the clutter at the moment. I was pretty happy with everything but the very end so I can work on that and hopefully have it posted up in the new week or two. It's gotten kind of ridicules, I know, so I'll have to rework some of the date spisific stuff. Aside from all of that, the only thing I need is some media. The screenshots won't be hard to get, but I'm affrid that video might be another matter. Since Wesnoth isn't a directX game most capture programs won't work with it. The only one that I've found that will is Growler's Gun Cam, which is $20 US. It's not a lot of money, but it seems kind of a waste to buy it just for one game. Though I may run into others that have the same problem. If anyone hasd any sugestions they would be welcome. Otherwise there may be no video this time.

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