Volví del limbo para probar una vez más los mods de Half Life que me han gustado y tal vez probar otros, además de comentar juegos que ya he jugado

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Poke646: Vendetta

Mod review

Well made as the previous one, but with an even better environment. Although maps contrast a lot between them, they are very related with the ones of the prequel. Gameplay was a bit less exciting than prequel, but I got enough fun. I almost didn't feel the lack of some weapons. The big bad problem about this episode is the length, because, in my opinion, it's extremely short. Also, though story comes to an end, felt a little bit rushed, and doesn't have lot of surprises as the prequel. In adition, puzzles are not that good as before.

Considering the previous reasons, I give this mod roughly an 8.



Mod review - 1 agree

This is one of the few mods that are really well done. Soundtrack and modelling creates an excellent and original environment for a flowing gameplay. Although many times I wondered what to do next, just took me a few minutes to move on. Puzzles can be at times confusing, but nothing extremely hard. Story also is engaging and full of unexpected turns. I am amazed of how much you need advanced movement skills, I would say even more than in Half Life. The new weapons are creative and there is enough ammo to clear paths of tough enemies (not only xenians). I really recommend this mod, although is not long as I expected.


Prototype 98

Mod review

Kinda funny adaptation of Portal for HL, considering its mechanics and GoldSrc limitations. Puzzles are a bit frustrating considering that there is no clue about how to complete it (at least Portal has symbols). Also is extremely hard because enemies damage you a lot, which is quite good in my opinion. Story was not that bad, but feels that lacks something, specially in the ending. Maybe it's because is extremely short, which is a great disadvantage. However, if you are looking for a short and funny mod, this worth it.


Night at the Office

Mod review - 1 agree - 3 disagree

The well made mod's menu raised my expectations. However, when I started to play the mod (if you really want to understand story, it's better start with the training room), reality was completely different. Modelling is crappy, as much for people as for weapons. Some of them are not original, but if they are they look horrible.

Although are original and some of them are worse than another, they don't reach a decent level. Gameplay also isn't exceptional, because in many parts there is a high chance that you can't continue the playing without cheats. In a sense, mod force you to follow a specific path, but you realize that when you screwed it up several times before (if you aren't too curious, this may not be a problem).

Voice acting is lousy. Sometimes budget for making mods can be a problem, but this is no excuse for this homemade voices. At times I couldn't understand what they said because of the accent or because was not well modulated. I'm sure you'll agree that terrorists voices don't scare or remind a tense situation. They are just plain bad.

Story wasn't really solid. You engage it just for pure coincidence if you understand everything they say, but even when that occurs, voice acting ruins every potential of making the story thrilling.

However, not everything is horrible. Although is very short, the artificial way of making it long with a 16-floor building to explore as you please gives it the enough length. At times, terrorists spawns surprised more that once, which was really scary. Also, AI is not really terrible, specially in hard difficulty.

In sum, Night at the Office is a barely decent mod if you want to kill time, but I wouldn't pick it as a must-play mod in HL because it lacks many things to be a decent mod.


Buddhist Wars

Mod review

I'll do as I didn't see this...


Point of View

Mod review

Definitely a mod that has to be tried. The beggining is a bit slow, but then, game gets interesting. It's a new experience play as a vortiguant and, of course, has its weaknesses, but has new weapons (not plenty of them. Just the necessary) that requires think and adapt to the mechanics of the attacks. Gameplay gets progressively intriguing, and background and new models help to enjoy it (though some of them, like the human workers, aren't esthetically good).

A couple of things have to be said about the story feature. This is what makes Point of View an unique mod. It allows know what the protagonist thinks about what happen around, and not only tells its inner emotions and thoughts. What I most remark are its reflections about its situation in Xen: a worker controlled by Nihilanth. Also, this thoughts realize sociological issues about the relations between masters and slaves, that could be a depiction of human slave societies.

However, story feature has a big downside: a window full of text that is not dinamic enough to draw the attention of the player, so there is the risk that this could be left out, ruining the particularity of this mod.

As a final anotation, entire gameplay and plot is eclipsed by the end, which, in my opinion, is the most interesting and entertaining moment of Point of View.


Christmas-Life Classic

Mod review

The idea of the mode is simple, maybe too simple. The only difficulty are puzzles, that are really easy to solve. However, the christmas environment makes the gameplay more pleasant, even when mod is extremely short. The last part of the original mod (because I haven't played the mappacks) has too much lag, so that's a big downside. My advice to you is to play it if you are bored, or have to wait for something for about half an hour.


Half-Life: Induction

Mod review - 1 agree

Although is a good effort to introduce the plot of Half Life, doesn't have any continuity to me. We see nice reskinned characters that are crucial in HL2 plot, but the plot in this mod and its dialogues lacks interest. The alternate between russian and english voices screws the experience of feeling this mod as a real prequel. The puzzles and gameplay are way too plain, so I was never really engaged to them.

If you are really interested in the story of the entire Half-Life saga, this mod could be somewhat noteworthy. Otherwise, I would pass of this if I were you.


Absolute Redemption

Mod review - 1 agree - 2 disagree

The most remarkable thing of Absolute Redemption is the try to make a spin-off of HL1 and the creative areas like the Himalaya and the Amusement Park. The design of the mod in general has positive things and bad ones, like the monotonous environment in the warehouse and not very well made modelling in several places. Has a something engaging story, but because the maps has so many dead ends (so long that they even need a loading screen) I quickly lost interest.

In fact, suddenly in the warehouse part, I was desperate to end the mod in a piece.

As for the length, it was good enough, but because of the dead ends and the long scenes it seems it has maladroit ways of making the mod long. The gameplay has less action than Half-Life, something that really hurts the experience considering this is a spin-off of HL. I don't recommend Absolute Redemption at all, but on the other hand, it's a classic. I leave it up to you...


Gears of War

Game review - 1 disagree

Not much a great game. At least is enough to have fun for a while. For being a co-op, it's not bad either, but there are not much strategies to do. In fact, in higher difficulties, most of the times you have to wait for a long time taking cover to avoid shots. Though, in some parts the real action appears and the game becomes more entertaining.

The graphics are excellent, really well worked, but the background remains similar along the game. After a while, the gameplay can get boring (I think just a few times) and also the story, that by the way I've never thought it was interesting. The game was long enough and has lots of gore, at the point I almost thought was unnecessary, but that's personal choice. And the end, though short, is the best part in my opinion. If you really games for just killing guys and with lots of blood, you won't regret playing it.

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