May 2007 - mapping on the CryEngine (Far Cry) July 2007 - modding Patator for Far Cry December 2007 - mapping on the Source Engine (HL²) February 2008 - mapping on the Source Engine (CS:S) March 2008 - Releasing gg_techcenter (CS:S) Avril 2008 - Releasing cs_bladerunner (CS:S) Juny 2008 - mapping on the Unreal Engine (UT3) July 2008 - modding Unreal Safari for UT3 Juny 2009 - Releasing WAR-Gizeh (UT3) July 2009 - Releasing Opposing Team (Mutator UT3) October 2009 - Releasing Safari (Game Type UT3) January 2010 - working on Little God Story


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