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Alien Isolation Insane Mod

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doing some testing with the mod, seems the alien now triggers much more easily in places it normally wouldnt trigger, like the systech spire when you go to trap the alien, the lobby with the people it shows up immediately and starts killing. also in the stair well for the first survivor mode mission (this is kinda neat, but i can see it being a problem in some areas).

The alien seems alot less predictable, but doesnt stray too far like in the unpredictable alien mod. For example, usually the first thing it does in the first survivor mission is walk straight past the intersection once you open the door, took awhile for it to do that with this mod.

some concerns are like the first segment is alien appearing outside of intended areas/ alien triggered in non-alien areas too easily. another thing i noticed with some survivor mode testing is a tendency for the alien to beeline for whatever vent you're in not too long after you enter it.

basically, pretty cool but not sure if i'll do a full playthrough with it as the base game stresses me out enough already lol. will also do further testing to check if this breaks the game or not. if i can figure out what the individual files do in this mod i might tweak it for personal tastes


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