Hi, my name is Michael, but just call me Battle. I play a wide amount of games, such as RTS, FPS, and TBS. I am a hardcore gamer and love gaming in every aspect. Game on and let the best strategy win!

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Sins of a Galactic Empire

Mod review

The Forgotten Races

Mod review

A Clash of Kings (Game of Thrones)

Mod review

Five Nights at Vault 5

Mod review


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Operation: TREBUCHET

Mod review

Mount & Blade: Warband

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Rise of Mankind: A New Dawn

Mod review

Fantastic mod. The expanded Tech Tree, the awesome units, the dynamic and finally improved diplomacy.

There is so much good things I could say about this mod. But, the list is too long for me to write it all out, so I will write a small bit of what I like the most.

I have to play my current game, that is going to last forever! I like a LOT the long campaigns (you can still shorten them) that can devastate the world! Or forever change it.

Playing Hotseat with a friend is fantastic, more optimized (loads faster) new civs rising and falling (via revolutions). Conquest with new units in a finally new and multiple types of same units. Example is early gunpowder units are three different types before you get to riflemen (bolt-action weapons and automatic weapons). With this, the tech tree having expansion in its different and more specific techs makes games longer, more interesting and dynamic for the player.

Again, I have a whole lot more to say about this mod, but for now, this review has a lot of thought to be put into it before I can call it done.

Fantastic mod. Get it!


Grand Theft Auto V

Game review - 2 agree - 1 disagree

Stupid "PC Master Race Rating Bombs" are a bunch of ******** from day one.

But now to get that out of the way; the Review...

The game is fantastic and runs GREAT compared to GTA 4 when it was released and GTA4 deserved those rating bombs until they finally patched it. This game however, DOES NOT.

-Fantastic Graphics and environment- Great Textures, and other important graphical details (lighting, modules, etc.) well designed and beautiful landscape. Big and fun cities to drive and explore. Wonderful.

-Fantastic Performance- On all Max Graphics, 60 FPS constant, little to no lag, CPU and GPU performance does not have to crank at all to run the game.

-GTA Online Servers are not as **** at launch compared to the console release. Thank you.

-Gameplay- Single Player; Uber awesome- it's just wow, great characters, fun story and side quests; a living city. Wonderful.

-Gameplay- Multiplayer: Uber Uber Awesome-
+I love it. Driving around with your friends, killing poor innocent players that are new to the game (like myself) that are at a low level while my friends are like level 80+. (as they played the hell out of the console version and transferred their character, lol.)
+The jobs are super fun, but are more fun with friends.
+The Heists; well designed, fun with four people, can VERY challenging, but awesome payout and really fun with good teamwork.
+Housing and Garages; Many to choose from around town, you can buy them, invite friends into them, most if not all have garages, can store a Max for the most expensive 10 vehicles. Fun to mess around and get "high" in-game with your friends in your apartment.
+Vehicles; Planes and Cars- they are awesome, easy to drive, look wonderful, able to have much variety and steal most cars, put them in your garage! They become yours for essentially forever! (if you don't blow those up) Vehicles you buy are more or less permanent with the insurance ability.
+Playing with friends in Free-mode: Drive around the vast city, encounter other players almost at random (and have huge fire-fights) to either kill each other or play together to control the server!

-Only 32 Players in one server? (What?)

-Server connection issues; They are not as bad as release on Console, but wow, I have had some issues myself and so have my friends when it comes to staying connected with the server during Free mode or heists. (it sucks even more when doing a Heist and your friend disconnects)

-Social Club: Damn it game devs, you got to stop it with this ********. Uplay, Battlelog and now this? AGAIN? It can be a hassle, its was terrible in GTA4 and thankfully its much improved, but is something that is forced on to the player. Why not just integrate steam's community system? The invite system is much better, the crews could be related to steam groups and it would provide us no need to create a external account to just play the damn game's online ability.
I honestly don't hate it as much as its not to bad in this GTA; but this sets an example for other devs. It just provides another roadblock in playing the damn game.

I still give this game a 10 out of 10 as the cons are not a serious issue in the major factor to the games ability to be played or enjoyed. 32 players is suitable, but I wish there were more. Server connection issues are almost resolved at this point and social club is honestly not that bad for someone who is using it for the first time (as they will have no issues creating and logging-in).

Its a fantastic game and is totally worth the 50-60 dollars on steam. The pre-order bonus was really nice, with the 1,000,000 dollars you get for Franklin in the single player and your GTA Online character. Its a big helping boost without being detrimental.

Its so fun to play with friends or by yourself. GET IT.

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