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I'm expecting a lot from GTA V! Many vehicles, improved graphics, more advantages and variety on gameplay, bigger map, more violence ( everybody wants that ), and more robbery missions, also I want a better story, also because it passes in Los Santos! The old city from GTA San Andreas, that's what I want! Replay an old map of a great game in a even better version of the same game, that's the point! GTA V will have plenty of things to do in the map, invade an military base, swim with the sharks ( almost hte same you can do in Far Cry 3 ) and experience the beauty of Los Santos in the mountains, of course, killing everyone at the same time. If the multiplayer have mor eoptions and mdoes, that would be awesome too! One thing I reaaaaally wanted to have in the new GTA is the ability to blow up heads with the shotgun, a thing we didn't seen since GTA San Andreas and others in the series, I really think they should bring what GTA IV didn't had. What I and probably you know is that GTA V is a strong candidate for the best game of the year award along with Far Cry 3, Tomb Raider, Dead Space 3, The Last of Us and Crysis 3 .

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