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I don't really know why so many critics such as IGN scored Duke Nukem with a so low rating, the game is awesome. Not that game that make you say "This game is freaking awesome!", but it is really good. It's graphics are realistic, even in the most poor computers it still runs great. I liked it for two things, for it's dark humor, which allows you to destroy the pigcops in many ways, and the health bar, you may think that to restore health in a game you need a medpack or something, but not in this game. Here you have to raise your ego in many ways like staring at yourself on the mirror, playing pinball and killing enemies. I really enjoyed the Single Player Campaign, the bosses are not so hard to kill, but the execution just suckass. At overall I enjoyed Duke Nukem and I would give it 10 if not because of the multiplayer, oh my god, it's terrible, the controls don't work properly sometimes, even when your ping is high, it has many bugs and you fight against Dukes! Like you are the Red Duke and you have to defeat the Blue Duke, that doesn't make any sense, but it makes "sense" in the Duke Nukem world. I just can't understand yet why it took 12 years to develop, there's no excuses, since Battefield 3 was developed in 2 or 3 years.

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