Favorite Games: Medieval II, Warcraft II/III, Starcraft, World of Warcraft, Diablo II, Rome/Empire TW, Mario 64/Galaxy/Sunshine/Kart(all of ´em)/Papermario, Jedi Knight II, Dawn of War, LOTR two Towers,/ROTK, Metriod Prime II, Monkey Island (all of ´em^^) Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine, Half Life /2, UT 99/2003/2004/3, CS/CSS, Team Fortress/2, DoD Source, Enternal Darkness, Resident Evil 4, Age Of Empires I/II/III/Mythology, SWAT 4, World in Conflict, Sacred I/II, Lotr The Battle for Middelearth I/II, The War of the Ring, The Hobbit, Command and Conquer (all of ´em except for Alerd Red 3!!!), Spartan Total Warrior, The Punisher(2004), Tomb Raider Anniversari, Sins of a Solar Empire, Freelancer, Battlefield 1942/2, Star wars Battllefront /2, Nolf, GTA II/III/Vice City, Rainbow Six 3, Flat Out 2, Burn Out 3, Nfs underground 2, F-Zero X/GX, Zelda Orcarina of Time/Wind Waker/Twilight Princess/Majoras Mask, Sniper Elite, Morhuhn Jagt;)


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