I like playing videogames. Specifically horror. I'm going to start posting videos of the games I play on here. Hope you enjoy my profile, and thank you for you time! :)

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I'm really srry everybody, but I will be gone until around he 4th of July. I can't post any videos, because I will not have my computer with me. Thank you everyone for watching my videos and joining my group. I hope people continue to watch my videos, and just enjoy my profile. Next month, if all goes as planned, I will start to record videos with commentaries, and post actual Lets Plays. Thank you! :)

New Games

barbarian451 Blog

Hey everybody! I haven't been posting much for a while, srry about that. But I have some new games I can play if you want me to. I got Ace of Spades, Gary's Mod, and Torchlight II. I also have Morrowind the elder scrolls III, and Portal I and II. So if you want me to play any of those for you guys an post videos let me know. If you don't want to comment, then you can email me suggestions and whatnot. Thnx for everything guys! :)

What next?

barbarian451 Blog

What game should I play next? (I will play more Witch House, and another game if you want.)

1.Haunt (slender)
2.More Witch House
3.Baby Blues
4.The Crooked Man

It's all up to you guys. Comment on what you want me to play. Thank you for watching my videos, and check out my group, and join if you want! Thanks! :)

Oh, and I should be able to start recording with a commentary this summer! Fingers crossed! :)

Penumbra Black Plague

barbarian451 Blog

I just finished the Penumbra:Black Plague demo. I'll post the videos soon. If I can, I'll get the full game. Looks really fun, and worth the money. The reviews sound good, and make it sound super scary. One link for the game is...


Get the demo here:


Hope you enjoy the game. I had fun playing the demo. Make sure you barricade the door, and close all doors behind you! ;)

Horror Games

barbarian451 Blog

Welcome to my blog! I'll be playing and posting games/videos on here. I'll link all the games I play. Horror games are my personal favorite. If I can't get them, then i watch others play them. The jumpscares are always my favorite part. Even though some are truly scary. I'll try to post some videos and pictures of the games I play on here. I'll be playing The Witch House first. If you want me to play anything just say so, and I'll look into it.

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