(In-Game Name: BadgerDeluxe) I'm an aspiring map creator, mod maker, pro-creator, and beverage reviewer. Fo sho. This week, I am a zombie pyrotechnician, cuz nothin burns as good as the livin dead.

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I'm currently trying to open a bottle of Nos Energy Drink, and I think that the bottle is winning. Anyhoo...

I've just entered the conception phase for two mods. The first one will most likely be a stupid fun mod made by my team currently being formed just to get a hang of our new positions, and then if we all feel comfortable in our positions, we'll move on to a much more serious mod (I can't wait to get to work on this one, although it will probably be some time before we do anything more on this mod). Still struggling on what Engines to use... probably Source Engine (OB) for the first one, and possibly for the second one, as well, although it might be on the L4D version of the engine, if possible.

EDIT: Finally got a new power cord for my PC, but now I'm plagued by the rhino virus, so I refuse to remove my posterior from the comfort of my bed or couch until I am fully recovered. SO... I'm still stranded to my laptop with no capacity for gaming on it... oh well. I can still lurk around my favorite sites while I recover.

Oh yeah, and Flight of the Conchords are awesome.

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