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Roma Surrectum II

Mod review

Roma Surrectum is a mod I have played for many, many years, even dating back to the Roma Surrectum 1 days. It is quite simply the best Rome: Total War mod and best simulation experience of the era to date.

If you have played quite a lot of vanilla R:TW, you will be in for a surprise with this mod. For starters the graphics have all been completely redone, right down to the trees and terrain textures and even an optional ENB, and look simply fantastic. Alongside the enhanced graphical overhaul are also completely redone and new unit rosters for all factions, which as of 2.6 includes 26(!) playable factions. The total unit count is 500, with 1/5 of those belonging to the Roman faction. Each unit looks utterly fantastic, especially Rome's.

The mod is very Roman-centric, with 28 named and numbered legions available for recruitment in different regions, alongside dozens of auxiliary unit. The Roman faction starts with early Polybian units, and eventually have access to the later units after the Marian Reforms, which can be activated by building a specific building. The Roman political tree is very in depth with many different ranks available for your generals and governors. There are also two rebellions that occur for the Roman faction, one early on and one towards the end game. I play 2.0 myself, but make sure if you get 2.5 you also get the 2.6 patch, as the second rebellion can get bugged and endlessy repeat, a bug fixed by the 2.6 patch.

The mod has a gigantic building tech tree, with you able to build dozens of different buildings focused on either military or economy. All have in-depth descriptions so you know what they do, while also learning some history at the same time. The gorgeous and gigantic map, totaling nearly 200 settlements, will keep you busy for a very long time.

Despite the focus being on Rome, the other factions are fully fleshed out also with dozens of units. One cool thing is that Sparta are a playable faction, with some of the strongest infantry units in the game. Alongside the other 24 playable factions, there is countless hours of fun to be had here.

Finally, the mod has two different modes of play - 1 turn and 0 turn. What this means is that on 1 turn, recruitment is as it is in vanilla, with each unit taking 1 or more turns to complete. on 0 turn, 9 units in a city can be completed in a single turn, making it much more fast paced with larger battles happening quicker and far more frequently as a full stacked legion can take 3 turns to build from a single city. Some advanced units and generals still need 1 turn to complete, but I'd say at least 95% are 0 turn. This means you can play a more tactical game, or one that is literally total war.

Simply put, the most complete and best mod for Rome: Total War available. It makes vanilla and many other mods utterly redundant in it's scope and features. Get it now!

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