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The Shadow of the Ramlord

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Pretty good custom story.
The voice actors were phenomenal and they nailed it.
The level design is quite lovely, had alot of details and great lighting.
I can see that it's a story telling custom story, so not too much gameplay or scares but more of an interactive book.

Eitherway, a 8/10 for me for a great ride.

Good Job guys.


Amnesia: Rain

Mod review

Truly a great one,replayable too.
It's got scares on point, gameplay on fleek.
What's more to say, I enjoyed every bit of this mod.


Amnesia: Through the Portal

Mod review may contain spoilers

I didn't get immersed once...and that rarely happens when I play an amnesia mod.
I appreciate the creativity and it is a fanmade sequel to what would happen if Daniel entered the portal etc

It's not that, that disappointed me.
It's more for the gameplay and events.
It only took me 4 minutes to complete this mod, without speedrunning.
Color choices are nice but I feel like most things looked empty.

Everytime I died, the puzzles where done for me and everything else was straight forward and easy to solve.

Once I died in the stairwell chase scene, the music did not reset, not even the sounds and it made things buggy and unfinished.

It's a great idea for a mod but felt like it was poorly executed.


You will never return

Mod review

Very fun and enjoyable.
Something different and creative,
Well done!


Let it snow

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I had hopes for this mod, I felt like it could bring the holiday spirit, and give me joy.
But instead, I got a heartattack and screamed like a little bitch.

Thanks Spelos.



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Brilliant, this was really brilliant. It definitely was worth the wait!

:The level design was truly breath taking!
:The music was really fitting to the areas and the events.
:Custom new puzzles and gameplay, that's always a huge plus!
:The enemy encounters were well done, it definitely gave me the Goosebumps.
:The pacing, everything was just well constructed.

This mod definitely deserves a high rating for all the hard work you've put into this and definitely was wroth the wait.

This gets a Mod of the year vote from me.


When I am no more

Mod review

Very Spoopy!


The Silver Key [Collapsing Cosmos]

Mod review

North Eclipse

Mod review - 1 agree - 1 disagree

I actually enjoyed this mod, I don't play much Penumbra mods but this one was actually pretty great.

Loved the custom music and enemies. Some encounters with the enemies almost gave me a heart attack.

Mapping was actually pretty decent, love the choice of the lighting you gave it.

There were some grammar mistakes that made me lose immersion but that's alright.

Have a 9/10, Amazing mod!


The Grey Eagle

Mod review
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