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Okay so went to class yesterday and we talked about and looked at Unity the teacher went over a few points and such but we haven't yet started to build into the program yet. I think we do everything in Maya (such as the characters, animation, level design, etc. So yesterday all we really did was play around with the Bad robots game that comes with unity and teacher explained what each bit did and such and how it was a bit like Maya, so then we imported our level designs into maya and started to copy the reference image that we had created using planes (I think he called it greyboxing or something like that? or we are making a greybox....i dunno memory is terrible) and what we are going to do is for now just work on the ground area and not worry about floating platforms (mine doesnt have any so I didnt have to worry too much xD) and I think what we do is scale it upwards (in a way) so it makes it a little 3Dish (hard to explain ive just woken up and cant really seem to think of how to explain it as ive forgotten what was said yesterday...well most). So we also took a look at some coding and such as someone was wanting to know why this script just used this other image (will be using skull and cross bones for a death area icon kind of thing) So its easy to tell whats what and help both you and other people looking at your level design and such.

So thats all for today I had done my level design pretty quick but found a cleaner way to do it so the level itself shoudnt be too many polys at this point but will get loads more when characters and props and other things are made and imported into Unity.

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