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Well as the subject/title says I start building my game in Unity this week (Tuesday and Thursday)
Not sure how well its going to go as we are learning how to code in it (not sure what language we are using to code) as ive heard there is a few to choose from such as C (or C++) Python, etc i dont remember the rest nor was my friend remembering it very well as he was randomly just looking up programs and such (not interested in animation or anything he goes off to the army soon) and I said we were using it to build the games.

Encase you couldn't be bothered reading the last blog I have class twice a week for 10 weeks from 5pm to 9pm, and in that time we must make at least one level (playable) restricted to a 2.5D platformer.
So this week is my 4th week being there (last week was a one week holiday) so the first two weeks we spent time thinking of ideas, writing out what we want to have in the game what enemy's would we have and what kind or if there was any collectables etc etc. So I was thinking a bit (its a little bit hard to think of an idea on the spot) but after playing around with a few ideas in my head and thought I should be able to make it or least come pretty close to it I decided I was going to make a bit of a mixed game from very different games.

The character design will be cartoonish (as I cant draw for crap and def not very good with a mouse/tablet) and the characters will look a little like Super Meat Boy, you have to break through walls and the ground to get to the end of the levels (a bit like in Jazz Jackrabbit how they have them blocks you gotta smash to get past certain points or get secret items) and to get through the ground I was thinking of a super jump sort of thing (Like in Croc to break boxes he'd jump up, say some kind of word in his language and then smash through the box). I have uploaded some pictures showing this (probably got hidden due to my last course at AIE which was an animation) okay so the only lame name I can think of for the game is Super Breakout Man (as its a super meat boy rip off but doesnt play the same the characters are just based off little cube guys xD)

Also forgot to add the point of the game/game story is your a prisoner and you need to break out as your day is today of being executed (for whatever reason, can come up with a reason some time) so to do this your going to have to not get killed/caught by the police/cops or fall or get touched by any booby traps and must smash your way through walls and the ground to make your esacpe.

So it wont be anything too exciting but yeah haha will keep you posted on it (for anyone who cares)
Will post how the coding and such went..im guessing its going to be hell seeing ive never really done anything like this before T_T

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