Yo I'm bacon I'm 27 I like to play games, edit videos, photoshop. I was an ex Indie Dev, then an ex marketer for AstroBear Games and use to be an IT Tech for my own business.

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Well just added some more stuff such as...edit my profile a tiny bit added a few screen names to my yahoo, MSN, Xbox 360 gamertag (dont have a 360 anymore didn't have the games i really wanted that i couldn't not get on PC or couldn't get it due to it being a PS3 only game ugh) and my Steam account. Feel free to ask/add me to any of them though I'm in the process of moving so will be offline for at least a few days to a few weeks my guess is.

So Im really shocked that people have checked out my mod! I wasnt expecting any views or comments about it, though I'm not sure anyone likes it at this point but I only do have 3 releases and I have to admit Beta 0.4 and 0.5 are the only decent ones out there available to download at the moment. I did have all the way up to 0.4 but then hey megaupload gets shut down by SOPA which was a really big pain -_-!

I also added a bit more in my info about me or whatever its called on here haha. Id like to be a game designer one day and learn how to animate, model and texture or any of them and I will be happy. Would also like to get better at my photoshop skills I havent done any courses on it or anything like that but for someone whos just fiddled around with it for years and seen how other people can use photoshop for things and what they do has made me an alright user of photoshop but always room for improvement I say.

Hm so I have done some other work for max payne 2 it was just a silly thing I was doing when i got a bit stuck/bored with Pain to the max mod. I could always finish it I'm not sure if I will though as its pretty pointless and I'm not sure how many people would want to play a stupid mod. Might think don't be so harsh? well it is stupid as its meant to be! With no real name to it I think i called it retarded mod got a odd feeling just now that I may of lost it when i deleted a whole heap of files that are long gone now xD. But I did do some screenshots I think I might upload them here as its not enough work on it to be uploaded as another mod nor is it any good I reckon... I haven't played it for so long but i remember changing Max and Mona plus a commando which he was a bright pink purple almost i think with "GAY" written on his head and replaced the painkiller sound and used "I do cocaine" from Dr Rockso the rock n roll clown from Metalocalypse.

But yeah hopefully I can get mod beta 0.4 and 0.5 up very soon and finish version 1.0. All I really need to do now is....make a decent blood pattern as I gave it a rough whack...and its turned out pretty unrealistic and stupid looking haha. Anyways thats all from me for now hopefully post some more stuff and other cool things...maybe xD

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