My name is Markus and I hail from Finland, the land of frost and snow! I am a cellist, artist, visualist and a true Pagan by heart. My talents are many and besides art and music, I have extended my skills mainly in game design and writing. I have experience in all these fields and creating something visual has always been close to my heart. I am currently working on with a huge module for Neverwinter Nights 2 called "The Moonlight Path". More info can be found from the link of my homepage as well as from forums. Help me in my cause, and I am suren to return the favor.

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Greetings from Slovenia!

Azz`Taruth Blog

As amazed as I am, I survived the trip through Italy to Slovenia and the 6 days of brutal heavy-metal beyond measure in Tolmin, Slovenia, METALCAMP!

It was one of the greatest experiences, if not the greatest indeed, in what comes to festivals!
Despite the almost constant heavy and light rain, colliding thunderstorms and crap-load of mud on the ground, the whole group survived back and the amount of good time spent there is something I remember for all eternity, I am sure!

It was truly spectacular and has given me something to hold on to! Also it has given me a lot of inspiration and thus I am using this inspiration to continue working on with my module; The Moonlight Path, for Neverwinter Nights 2 + expansions.

Could put up some photos from the trip while here, not that I expect much viewers, but for my own amusement if not anything else!

Happy last quarter of the passing summer, folks!

- Markus.

Series of unfortunate events!

Azz`Taruth Blog

It seems my computer is falling apart on certain parts, and thus I am not able to continue working on the NWN2 module The Moonlight Path for some while now, as my computer crashes if I try to play or do something graphical. And naturally, this sucks.

Well, when I get my salary and hopefully all the debts back, I will invest on new parts and other things as well. Hopefully then I am able to start reworking on the module!

But all is not that unfortunate in this situation, for this forces me to concentrate more on the other side of the module making; story, dialog, cutscenes and drawing. Been tampering too much with the area making in the module, which has led me quite a much astray from the true goal and achievements.

Enough rambling for now, let's see what I come up with meanwhile!

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