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While taking lessons in C# (from a shitty tutorial; I must find a new one and begin anew) I was presented with the opportunity to do the Got Game Challenge for Game Maker. As anyone who follows me knows, GM8.1 is the software I am using to make my new game, CyberPunk'd! Being presented this opportunity, I decided to take some of my ideas, and do something unique. Most of the other entries I've seen are basic maze games, and so I have decided to go above and beyond the call of duty. I have decided to do an hour-long 2-d, Top-Down, 8-Bit, Vice-City Inspired sandbox crime game. It will have an open world, side-missions, a main quest, multiple weapon types, and, of course, cars.

Cyberpunk'd Status

Azzalack Blog

Hey guys and gals,

You all may (or may not) know me as the developer who made the (admittedly horrendous) SUPER ITALIO BROS! Well, that game was made ONLY to show that I know how to make a game... a really cheap, homemade, 8-minute, slog of a game.

Well, since I made that game early last year in 2012, I decided to actually make a fairly long, fairly GOOD game. I speak, of course, of my upcoming project, CYBERPUNK'D.

The Story Idea:

You are a trench-coat wearing bad-ass ( who will hereafter be referred to as "The Dude") who works with his brother in a Private Detection Agency in the future. After the Dude's brother is kidnapped by an Aug'ed-out Agent-Squad, he sets out to rescue him.

The Game-play Idea:

Played from a top-down view, The Dude must scour Mute City for weapons, augs, upgrades, quests, and supplies so that he can defeat the men who took his brother.

Augs give The Dude different abilities: WRECKR allows him to rip through walls (and other 'Punks); BLASTR blows away his enemies; HOPPR allows him to reach previously inaccessible heights; TERMINATR shows the world in an red vision that scans for hidden paths, pickups, 'Punks, and 'Punk-Information.

There are multiple weapons and multiple types of weapons, all of which have different advantages and disadvantages. Pistols may be cheap, but they aren't piss-poor Polymer One-Shots; they can be tied to melee-gun combos, dual wielded, and heavily modded. Besides that, they are so common, ammo is always in abundance. Sub-Machine Guns tear enemies apart piece-by-piece, bullet-by-bullet with their high firing-rates, high-capacity mags, and heavy mod-ability. Shotties pull 'Punks to pieces in close range (or, with mods, medium range) with their high power, multi-pellet shell-blasts. Rifles are power-house automatics that punch giant, bloody bullet-holes through 'Punks both low and mighty. 'Bashers are the most basic, most bad-ass worthy weapons in any 'Punk's collection; anyone can point a gun, but only a bad-ass can blindly-charge a bullet-spewing machine gun with nothing but a crowbar.

There are mods that can be found throughout Mute city that change the way a weapon works. Lazer-Points decrease the bullet spread of rifles and SMG's; Bills change shotgun blast-patterns; ammo types change the stats of weapons.

Quests open up... quests. If I need to explain these to you, then
They are miniature objectives meant to prolong the game-experience and prolong the fun-time.

The Visual Idea:

CYBERPUNK'D is going for a minimalist approach to the graphics. It will feature black-and-white-and-highlight colored graphics; most static objects in the world are black-and-white, with interactive objects being highlighted in bright colors, and with lights creating different color/value effects. Blood will contrast with the black, white, blue, and yellow uniforms of the cops and criminals and corporates of Mute City. Gunshots can really "brighten up" some unlucky punk's day. The shadows consume bodies... beasts, punks, and gangers alike.


Yeah... I gotta get a move on in this department.

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