My name is Eric i have a brother and a cousin who are also on moddb we are all in the Star wars RP

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One problem my friend, I already am using that armor and I am the leader of the Mandalorians and that makes your entire story kinda flawed.

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Ayeric Malanic and his twin brother Velik born on Mandalore were Bandek Malanics elder cousins. At the age of 7 Ayeric and Velik stowed away on the Jedi's ship that took Bandek to Ord Mantell. Upon arrival they waited a little while then got off the ship and searched for there cousin. They found Bandek leaving the Jedi temple and met up with him. After Bandek was trained he trained Ayeric and Velik to use the force. Ayeric and Velik at the age of 13 joined Bandeks gang the Forgotten Legion. They followed there cousins every command along with his lieutenant Avaron. Ayeric and Velik were considered The Legions enforcers they were powerful members of the Legion. When Ayeric was 19 his cousin vanished and his master found dead. The Legion searched for him as each member disappeared when Ayeric and Velik were the last two left they searched for all the rest of the Legion together. They got split on one mission when they were on an abandoned ship. Ayeric tripped a mine and his brother flew into an escape pod causing it to launch to the planet below. Ayeric searched months on the planet looking for his brother with no luck. Ayeric has been searching the Galaxy for years searching for his brother and the rest of the Legion.
Name: Ayeric
Age: 21
Affiliation: None
Weapon/s: Red double light-saber
Armor: Forgotten Legion Armor
Ship: Eta-2 Actis-class Light Interceptor
Force: Weak strength in the force
Fears: Death of Velik, Weequay, Rancors, Death by Fire
Beliefs: The Sith way, Mandalorian tactics
Species: Human
Homeworld: Mandalore

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