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This is without a doubt one of the best amnesia mods ever made, and in my opinion it rivals the base game. The effort put on here shows throughout the experience.

From the story, the background of the characters, the notes and diary entries it is littered with attention to detail that only fuels your investment in your goal to collect the orb pieces.

The lore established in this mod is just incredibly well thought out and fascinating to unravel.

Then there's the puzzles. Thought provoking and original and tense at times and other times just out of this world crazy and loopy. Challenging but not overly difficult. Nothing more to add, great aspect to it.

Then there's the rest which is just the cherry on top of everything. The custom music which can be mesmerizing, terrifying, happy or sad, it is top notch and elevates every moment and every encounter not to mention the atmosphere.

Speaking of. The atmosphere was brilliant. Not only was it not just unnerving, or scary, or horrifying, there were times when it was completely the opposite and different. It is varied and it works in this mods favor very much.

The pacing in this game is just outstanding. It's fast paced but there's subtle moments where it lets you catch your breath but it doesn't feel slow at all.

The new enemy designs whether they have any effect on you or not, will be just that, it will be subjective and in my humble opinion, the enemy models AND SOUNDS(by god the enemies in the cloaks and the "masks") really freaked me the hell out. Probably the scariest amnesia enemy ever created. The lore behind them increased the scare and threat factor as well. Just well done.

One of the strongest aspects of this game was the level and environmental design. It was spectacular. It varied, was vastly different each chapter, it worked in tandem with the puzzles, and atmosphere, and the backstory and narrative helped establish each area as being fresh and unique.

And the endings. Wow. I counted 5 I managed to find, if I can remember. Awesome. Some better than others. Which one is the most satisfying one will be up to the player.

All in all, this amnesia mod was good enough to be dlc, and to put it bluntly, it sh*ts all over machine for pigs. This mod was the perfect length and didn't outstay it's welcome, and for such a terrifying mod, there were subtle, more nicer moments which complemented the mod even more, and I loved that in a horror game.



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After playing the September 2013 release update...nothing more needs to be said...this is a masterpiece. This "mod" is a perfect example of what a mod should be. In fact, as far as I'm concerned, this isn't a mod, it's a stand alone game that just happens to use the source engine. When you start up the mod, up comes the menu and it is a completely re-haul of the boring one you're used to seeing on every single other source mod. This one is simple, yet brilliant. Options menu are also a treat and offer a much wider variety of option and visual capabilities to enhance the eye candy. And for a source mod, this is a downright gorgeous one. From the amazing lighting and lens flares, to the remodeled textures and that beautiful moon that lights up everything at the start of the game. I love a game that puts you in the middle of nowhere and near a house and you have to push on through forests paths, and abandoned buildings. I especially liked the short, but sweet train ride. Now the music, soundtrack if you will, is outstanding on so many levels. It drew me in deeper this time than it ever has before. From the tranquility that begin playing once you surface after the ship wreck, to the ambient and eerily silent locales. I always took the time to stop and sink in the sights and locations I'm in. As for gameplay, it's your pretty standard source mod deal here, but who said that's a bad thing? I really enjoyed the little gameplay details like grabbing water in a bucket, escaping from a tied up chair, only if it was just a couple. I liked the narrative, pushing you through one place to another, giving you small doses of plot, but not too much. I like the mystery this game has. Especially once you escape, stumble upon omnicorp then rescue the scientist. It adds a whole another level of intrigue to the somewhat, obscure story. Since I played this when it was version 4,5 & now 6, I've covered pretty much everything that needs to be covered. The rest of the mod speaks for itse

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