I'm a Hungarian undergraduate who studying informatics technology in Kecskemet College, in the central of the engineer training in this region. I'm very busy at the moment with my new subjects, such as statics, or material science, don't mention the exams every week,so I can't respond to all message immediately. I always try to do it as fast as I can. I am trying to take time to learn and experiment with 3d modeling, skinning, rigging, animating, texturing, and rigging. I am want to learn the next generation human designing now, with a modern work flow. My progress is only depends on my free time.

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The bad tendency

Attila1945 Blog 3 comments

Why I wrote this?

This is a wrong way, extremely wrong one. There are too many bad habits in the Men of war moding community, maybe this will shake up few men.

In the beginnings, there was only gimp, max and notepad++

I remember my first days here. There weren't many mow mods, but these few was unique, interesting work, and worth to click on the download button. These mods were mainly re-skins, or big vehicle packs, with multi-player. I remember the old Eye for an eye mod, this was fairly a good one.

The golden age

Then, I started and released my first Stargate mod, showed that there is more in this engine. Its handles complex animations, high resolution textures, high poly models and easily convert the rts game play to a funny arcade vehicle game with amazing graphic. That is why mod developers discovered this game for their mods. I remember the start of many well know mod in this time, like the WW1, SW:CW, SL, or the Stalker. There were many map pack, rebalance mods, and we met with really funny, but at least unique and creative attempts too. The fan club always filled with life. Everybody made tutorials, tried to make maps, everybody wanted to learn. They were trolls and flame wars on the forums, and of course huge download numbers.

The trouble are comes with two

The bad things are started with the POT mod. I watched it with a little scepticism, well, with professional jealousness, but not baseless. Its "awesomeness" and "coolness" blinded everyone, and the players just wanted this shine, so these human models become standard nearly every mod. (Instead, I just started to seek out new resources and desperated myself with human modelling.) Off course, the secret is came out, they were cod models, and the company is wanted to delete them, so Pot mod was banned, and this killed a few major mods too. Then came the Arma scandal, which wasn't that big, but was a sad moment too. These problems made mow moding to a light-minded, porting here, porting there fun and many guy left because of these. Once, I was accused by stealing my own work! Ridiculous!

The new generation which is not good as the Star Trek one

Sadly, today making a „new" mod is just copy and paste from others, then upload it. There is a joker explanation which states these models are just place holders, but these mods are usually dies fast, or they somehow forget to change them, but there are too many of them. The biggest problem here is the lack of experience. Nobody born with a 3ds Max certification, but if somebody wants to, can study the methods and tricks. We live in the age of the internet, I can't believe if somebody don't find enough tutorials. I studied about a half-year the max and the gimp before I started to upload screen shots, and when I started, there was only the Dms exporting tutorial on the net. But worth it, to see my awful p90 model in-game in the hand of a German soldier.
So no need any more knowledge for to make a mod, and I see many example for this. The early days creativity is gone, anyway many of the old creative guys are retired too, they live their own life. Maybe they have a family or they studying in colleges, universities, or they get a job, or forgive me God, they maybe died. I am only a sentinel too.


The hope never dies, but I don't see too big chance for resurrection. Because this is a nearly dead community, one messiah is not enough for the salvation. There many old mod holds out, and good to see the few new one here, but we need many more new. The keyword is: CREATIVITY and OWN WORK. The moding is art not a work.

The Kecskemet College

Attila1945 Blog
The entrance of the GAMF

As I written before, I get to the Kecskemet College. This college is on of the best in Hungary.

Kecskemét College was founded on 1st January, 2000 with the merger of 3 tertiary colleges – the College of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Horticultural Faculty of the University of Horticulture and Food-Processing and the Teacher Training College. As a result of the merger Kecskemét College has become the largest college in the Southern Plain Region with three faculties with different profiles.

After the merger of the above mentioned colleges they became faculties of the new Kecskemét College (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Teacher Training Faculty, Horticultural Faculty). The institute is authorized to award college-level degrees. All the courses of the college are accredited by the Hungarian Accreditation Committee. The number of the employees is 600 and more than 6,000 students study at the college on full-time, part-time or distant learning courses; taking part in BSc courses, higher-level vocational or postgraduate training.

The predecessor of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Automation (GAMF) has been in the service of training engineers since 1964. The engineers who graduate from here can be found all over Hungary. Most of them have achieved success in the field of their original profession being the leaders or owners of private companies. Only a few of the graduates switch to find work in other fields. During its history GAMF has always been able to renew, open for changes and its education is based on high quality and strictness. The laboratories, the special teaching halls with machines and the computer laboratories are continuously developed. The biggest technical library of the region can also be found in this institute, giving our students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge.

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