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I'm a big fan of the silent hill series, i've completed the first, second and third games numerous times, aswell as Silent Hill: The Room and Homecoming. Shattered Memories was more like shattered nostalgia, being a big disappointment in my eyes. i want to recreate the feel of the original game, i want it to be psychologically scary, and be truthful to the source material and original canon. although i don't have much experience with SDK's, at some point i plan to use a fairly new game engine to recreate the start of Silent Hill 1.

It would be my first official project for a game if i plan to invest time in it, i'd like to see how it goes.
I'm not really worried about how long it would take to recreate, since i wont lose interest, but i would feel as though i've wasted my time if someone releases something similar which somehow evaded me knowing about it.
There are a lot of games imo that wont be remade since the major companies have lost interest, some of my other favorites which will probably only be revived by modders are games like Chrono Trigger, FF7 Fallout/Baldur's Gate System Shock [I know there are mods and modding communities for some of these games, although, yet very unlikely, it would be nice to see complete remakes]

I'm thinking of what SDK would suit Silent Hill the best, currently just drawing concept art for the environments and monsters which will be uploaded soon, either here, or on my Deviantart page [Link on my profile]
I was wondering if there are any other modders out there doing serious Silent Hill 1 remakes, if so feel free to contact me, i'd like to be kept informed on some of the most promising projects

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