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Being new to the ModDB community [but not specifically new to Modding] i figured i would start with covering what i perceive to be the must have mods for some of the more popular titles, and then highlighting some games that just deserve a bit more attention.

Doom 3
If you haven't played Doom, i'm not surprised, Although i have fond memories of playing Doom on Nintendo 64, i think most people give the titles a miss due to them being dated compared to what we're used to today. Blood by 3D Realms is notably similar, also having some enjoyable Easter eggs.
Doom 3 Rebooted the series with its release in 2004, Mixing Hellish Monsters with a familiar Sci-Fi Setting and simplistic, yet enjoyable storyline.Now however, the textures seem gloomy and dated; not being as sharp as modern HD titles, leaving much to be desired. This is where the Modding community stepped in and redeemed this worthy survival horror.

What is there to say, this Mod bitch-slaps Doom 3 into the future with Enhanced Visuals and Lighting, a must have.

Wulfen Textures
Wulfen texture pack bumps most of the games textures from a 256x256 Resolution to a sharp 1024x1024, making the quality of the levels feel fresh from production. i recommend any fan of Doom 3 or Sci-Fi FPS's to give these two mods a look in.

GTA San Andreas
This one's Fairly obvious being it one of the most downloaded and modded titles in gaming history; i figured i'd hunt down the HD mods that transform it to almost GTA IV quality.

Enb Series
Enb Series is love/hate for most people; it's not a bad mod, it can look awesome withe the right configuration. the wrong configuration on the other hand, makes a game look bloomed to shit.
I found this video and surprisingly it wasn't over bloomed to shit, and genuinely improves the overall look of the game. i wouldn't recommend it stand alone, so i'll cover some Texture packs next.

iCEnhancer V.3
iCEnhancer is another worthwhile mod if you're trying to optimise the game some of its features are: Higher resolutions, improved lighting effects and modern cars.

Two of my most admired games are Silent Hill, and Call of Cthulhu. to my knowledge there isnt a SDK released for Call of Cthulhu: DCotE, but are there any fan remakes? same goes for Silent Hill 1.
Am i the only one interested in seeing this? apparently not.

Silent Hill
'Silent Hill:Rebirth' a Fan made project and the visualization of Synergy Creations, Silent Hill Universe, the Silent Hill community and the RPG Maker XP community.
I have confidence that their work will create the same feel and atmosphere that is at the root of the Silent Hill mythos.
The best current [Unfortunately Discontinued] rendition of the first game i've seen is Silent Hill in Garry's Mod, which still leaves some much desired work on the textures.

Silent Hill [Garry's Mod]
For me, those two would be the most anticipated remakes, and definitely worth the time of the Modding community and fans of the games, Hell, i'd even have a go at helping to make some of the textures.

Duke Nukem
15 YEARS in the making and they still fuck it up. Although Duke Nukem Forever was a disappointment to me, i'd still like someone to have a go at rebooting this franchise.

Duke Nukem: Reloaded
There's been a lot of hype, yet i feel like they could give an authentic feel to reimagining a classic.
I haven't spent much time researching whether others have done fan remakes, would be cool to play though.

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