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Over 100 mods added to Fallout 3 Through Nexus Mod Manager and some Manually when needed and i'm still not done.
Don't get me wrong, the gameplay and graphics are amazing now, but whenever i finish downloading and installing a mod, i find 3 more that sound great, and the content added to the game keeps going up.
It's been good fun, unfortunately at this point i'm basically straining what my graphics card, and possibly the game engine, can handle ;/
BOSS software for load order sorting has probably saved me from quite a few bugs, although I've come across very few crashes so far. i had some problem with destructible environment mod, some mods that add content out of the vanilla borders and a couple others that were causing crashes, will try to figure out if there's any way to work around those.
i plan on doing individual blogs on some of the new content, pics of stuff i find if that interests anyone, and also images of Fallout New Vegas at a later date.
I've installed Fallout NV and modded it to a degree, Rudy ENB deserves a mention, it just fits NV so well, it's stunning, can't wait for Fallout 4

I'll upload my NMM stats of Fallout 3 soon, if anyone wants a full list of the mods/plugins i have feel free to msg me.

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