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Dear ModDB Member,
Did you want gmod 10 but cant get it for free, well i hate it when you need to pay for gmod 10. If it say's mod it's supose to be free, not like a game where you need to pay a certant amount of money,but,no the creater of gmod 10 doesen't want it to be free, for he wants money.Well, that's about to change, for in order to get gmod10 to be a free mod, i need 1000+ members to be my friend AND rate this letter you are reading. If anyone agrees with me, rate this letter first, then send me a friend invite.Otherwise,don't rate OR be my friend. If you have ANY questions, send an email to me at I will respawn to your email as soon as i can for i am buisy with chours.
[PS]Spread the word around moddb and other mod sites.


No offense, but this is pretty idiotic. The name was kept, but it is hardly a "mod" anymore. The only thing that relates it to being a mod, by definition, is the requirement of having the Source Engine content. I am sure they primarily kept the name because it has a better ring to it than "Garry's Game/Ggame" and it is a continuation of the mod.

Getting it to be free would be rather difficult, nigh impossible. IIRC Valve Corp. gave him the Source code to the Source Engine, if it were still a mod then, most likely (although I'm not sure) either the Source code would have to be given out for free or he wouldn't be able to have it, reducing Gmod's potential.

And every modder would like to get money for their mod, but not only would that be unfair, it would be illegal. Garry Neuman was lucky in that Gmod, an excellent mod in itself, was made into a full game and released via the Steam service. And only for a mere $10 to boot! Hell, $10 won't even cover food for a week, anyone who can't spend $10 probably doesn't have a computer anyways, or they probably don't have internet.

And use a spelling & grammar checker of some sort, it won't bite.

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