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Artas1984 @ Berserker@Quake2


Can't you morons learn English? You have the skills to make such a mod, but don't have any skills to write a PROPER English "read me" file? Are you ******** me?

You have not learned English in school you retards?

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Artas1984 @ Sikkmod v1.2

Disappointing thins:

1) game values changed - this is supposed to be a GRAPHICS mod, no? So it turns out to be graphics + gameplay mod. Not what i was looking for! Why did you have to pull your fingers to gameplay?...

2) No automatic quick graphics option? Sorta like fail. Everyone expects something like quick "high" and "ultra" settings, but instead everything is manual only.

3) Too many settings to customize - a casual gamer does not understand over half of those tweaks. It is as if you made this mod for yourself rather than for the common gamers. For instance Quake Darplaces mod also has many settings to customize, but at least it has quick settings like "high lightning", "ultra lightning", "flares"...

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Artas1984 @ Wulfen's texture and Sikkmod 1.2 working

I see there are lots of options to tweak the graphic settings...

The problem is: there are no automatic quick settings and that is very bad. There are too many, and i mean WAY TOO MANY customizable effects for a casual gamer, those are out of context.

You are probably very smart and understand everything you wrote for this mod norton2, but you should have made it more simple. Why could not you made the customizations similar to Stalker, Fear or Crysis? Why did you have to toss in TONS of settings, those most casual gamers do not understand?

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Artas1984 @ Aliens vs. Predator 2

ice_trey you are a pise of ****, go play your shity Doom 3 and don't come back here

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Artas1984 @ Survival

So, at first i liked these missions, but with such bugs it is impossible to play!

I mean seriously, you can not play with predator at all! No original vision modes, no energy shift device? How is he supposed to restore health without energy shift device?

The alien misison is palyable and great, but after some time you just do not take damage!!!

Please fix those problems!!!

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Artas1984 @ Hostile Appetite

This is awesome mod! I highly recommend it!

Play as an alien with your other AI controlled aliens - infiltrate the human base and wipe out 155 humans!

The best thing about this mod is that you have to search for hidden humans in a very large base, full of secret store rooms, ducts, air shafts, corridors. Some humans have pockets of resistance, armed with guns, while the majority will be armless and it will be just a fun slaughter. The Hadley Hope base is very well designed - it very fun to search for humans with an alien in this large space.

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O ką gali padaryti iš to, ką išvardinau?

Manau kai kuriuos dalykus tikrai galėtum padaryti:

1) konfigą tai tikrai galėtum sukurt
2) žinau, kad sukurti naują ginklą tai ne juokai ir to nepadarysi, bet galėtum jo ir nekurti - tiesiog sukurk režimą (komandą), kurios metu predator galėtų naudoti melee ataką. Vietoje jo durklų panaudok eilinį ginklą ir užmaskuok jį, kad nesimatytų. Ataka bus iš tikro "weapon alternative melee attack", nors nieko nesimatys ir atrodys, kad predatorius daužo priešą. Padidnk damage ir įvesk skerdimo garsą - to pakaks, ginklas nebūtinai turi matytis, svarbu efektas.
4) 6) 11) 14) 15) atrodo kaip eiliniai konfigo dalykai, negi neitų jų pakoreguoti?
7) jei sukūrei thermal vision - gali sukurti ir high contrast..
Jei tau neišeis nieko padaryti, siųlau nuoširdžiai "ištrinti" predatorių iš šito modo, nes tikrai žiauriai nepatogu ir gadina įvaizdį jo.

Ko gero esi lošęs Aliens VS Predator 2 (2001)?

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I want to distinguish my suggestions from what is "MUST BE FIXED":

1) Make a custom predator config! (MUST!)
2) Add wristblade melle weapon! (MUST!)
3) Laser beam should have it's visual energy depletion bar! (SUGGESTION!)
4) Disable human vision! (MUST! MOST IMPORTANT! ASAP!)
5) Make thermal vision more like in cinema (SUGGESTION!)
6) Predator should disable cloak whenever he wants! (MUST!)
7) At least add the high contrast vision! (SUGGESTION!)
8) Add predator health bar! (SUGGESTION!)
9) Add predator cloak energy bar! (SUGGESTION!)
10) Make cloak last depending on his movement! (SUGGESTION!)
11) Make predator more durable! (SUGGESTION!)
12) Decrease predator movement speed! (SUGGESTION!)
13) Jump into an object - wth is that? (?)
14) Predator should be able to shoot his beam when zooming! (MUST!)
15) All visions should last "forever", not time limited! (MUST!)

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I have something to say! Just played 0.6 version and want to discuss the lacks of things in predator campaign:

1) No custom predator config!
2) Only laser beam weapon? At least give the default wristblades! The predator can not exist without it's wristblades!
3) Laser beam should have it's visual energy depletion bar instead of the sound!
4) Predator can not see like human, this vision must be removed!
5) Thermal vision is quite blurry in daylight - it should not be so, at least it was not so in the original movie...
6) When enabling cloak, predator must have the ability to disable it whenever he wants, not after some measured time.
7) At least add the high contrast vision besides thermal vision!
8) Add predator health bar
9) Add predator cloak energy bar
10) Make cloak last depending on his movement - if predator will stand still, make cloak last forever, if he runs, make cloak deplete fastest!
10) Make predator more durable, you have made his too weak!! He should be able to withstand 6 point blank range shotgun shots, no less.
11) The predator moves too fast. You should decrease his running speed. I mean, predators are not as fast as humans, obviously..
12) Jump into an object - wth is that?
13) Predator should be able to shoot his beam when zooming. The way it is now - he can only shoot in normal mode - that is ridiculous!!!
14) Thermal vision should be limitless!

I am very serious about all my 14 points, and i really want to see this mod improve, Please address these 14 issues as soon as possible and reply what do you think about them!

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